Tuesday, July 05, 2005

technical difficulties

For the last two days I have been unable to load pictures into my blog. Operator error, too slow of a computer connection or the blog gods are against me, I don't know.

I have been steadily working, with the exception of yesterday when I took the day off to hang out with friends and go see "War of the Worlds" (I'll comment on that below, but don't read it if you haven't seen the movie. On 3 July I finished some letters and completed 20 more. Today I made 20 letters, but didn't complete them. Have gotten some more of the words together tho. Slowly, slowly it's all coming together.

Ooh, Lance is in the yellow jersey now. I find it hard to believe that he'll try to keep it all the way to the end - too much work for the team. Still, the DC boys did great and it's just very sad that Zabriskie lost the jersey by falling near the end of the team time trial - ouch.

[SPOILERS] "War of the Worlds" just seemed hollow to me - very stupid people running around mindlessly doing stupid things. A gigantic hole is opening up in the ground, bringing buildings crashing down - ooh, yeah, I'm gonna hang around to see what happens. Mass explosions ahead, yes, keep going that direction. Hm, aliens are destroying as many people as possible, yes, head to all the lights and the mass bunches of people, noooo the aliens wouldn't possibly target the well-lit ferry. Boston, yes lets go to Boston even tho the aliens are destroying the major cities... You idiot, either stay in one safe place with food and water or head for the middle of nowhere and hunker down. geez louise.

And how about the abrupt transition to Boston where all of a sudden the aliens are dying really really fast. A friend was convinced that we must have missed a reel of the film. And Mommy's house is fine, all the people inside (inc the son who should have been blown up) are safe and untraumatized? And the sanctimonious, preachy epilogue about no death from virus has been in vain? Yick. Spielberg could still have saved it by saying, but what about the viruses the aliens have now given the humans???? If they can die from what we have, the opposite is true as well. Big plague coming.

And I can see no reason why the aliens, if they visited earth previously to leave the tripods, didn't just take over the planet then? Why wait? There are obviously fewer resources now than there were hundreds or thousands of years ago. Can't believe blood is that important an ingredient in anything that they had to wait for the population to expand. And if it WAS the blood that was so necessary, why turn all those people to ash?

I don't mind plot holes nearly as much in B movies. Those I can relax and enjoy for what they are. This should have been much better than it was. Yes, the special effects were pretty and it was enjoyable visually. I'll give the filmmakers that. Watch "Minority Report" instead if you need to see Tom Cruise in a scifi film.

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Hunter said...

I left a comment, but it didn't show up. I don't think is was worth leaving once,let along twice, but I will anyway. ;)

I thought if Dakota Fanning screeched one more time I was going to get a ray gun and zap her myself.

Now there will probably be two of these earth shaking observations. LOL.