Tuesday, December 04, 2012

15 Minutes of Play

Hurray for Victoria Findlay Wolfe (aka V aka Bumblebeans) and her new book, 15 Minutes of Play. Today is my day on the blog hop to celebrate the book.

Do you know the common denominator in my favorite quilt books like Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking and Roberta Horton's Scrap Quilts? No patterns, lots of quilts, and lots of words. And woohoo, V's book is all of that. It's like sitting next to V and listening to her explain how she made her improvisational, scrappy quilts. Her inspiration and enthusiasm are so contagious.

In the book, there are multiple techniques for making "made-fabric" by free-piecing, using paper as a foundation, and the quick way. I love that, because not every one likes to work the same way. For instance, I love using paper foundations and don't mind ripping all the paper off while other people can't stand that. There are directions for some of the blocks in the book and multiple challenges to get you started playing.

Okay, I am admittedly biased about this book because V is a friend, we love a lot of the same quilts and quilters, and woohoo, I have a quilt in the book. Starburst, the quilt V and I collaborated on because I'd made all those string star diamonds and was anxious about the Y-seams involved in getting it all together. V is fearless and actually loves Y-seams. AND she has a tutorial on them in the book, so I'll have that the next time I have to face that task. Anyway, Starburst used to look like this:

but sure doesn't anymore. You'll have to get the book to see the final quilt. It doesn't come with a photo of Pokey though...

More than that, there are quilts by some of my favorite bloggers, like Nifty Quilts and Fiberliscious Mary Keasler amongst others, and quilts by V's grandmother that are just amazing.

You can win a copy of the book 15 Minutes of Play right here by leaving a comment on this post. (US winners receive a hard copy of the book. International winners receive a Electronic copy of the book, direct from C&T.)

Or, you can buy a copy directly from V at her shop  or from Amazon

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