Saturday, November 27, 2010

How is Time Going By so Quickly?

I would swear it's still October and yet somehow it's already the end of November? Where the heck did the last month go? Herewith a much belated posting of photos from Houston.

I love Janet Fogg's work (here's a previous one). She picks fun subjects and her machine quilting is gorgeous. This is most of Caddy and the Cakes (I didn't get a pic of the whole thing):

Janet Fogg also did this fun kitty photo on a bulletin board quilt, called Denim and Calico. Check out the quilting in the background:

My Rhino by Pam Holland:

Here's Siobhan looking at Barb Vedder's Lunar Pineapple (a real hoot of mixed fabrics):

One of my favorite quilts wasn't even in the show - it was over at an antique quilt vendor's booth. This looks like it has an eye in the middle of it to me:

and a shot of me and Sio in front of the booth:

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back into the groove of posting. I did have an excuse there for awhile, of husband actually being home, but he's away again for work. heavy sigh. I miss him and so does Pokey:

I gotta get cracking. more later.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay, it's not an exciting vacation, but I am taking one. Sorta. My husband is the one who is actually on vacation, getting a chance to at last spend time with me and the kitties and the beach. It's been awhile since he's been around - too much away time for work. He was thrilled that the kitties all remembered him and didn't get in a snit about him being away. Plus it's a bit cooler here in Florida now in the evening so that makes the kitties more cuddly too.

So my sweetie gets to spend time with all of us, but especially Pokey:

who still gets extra love because of her health concerns (she's doing well, but she has a chronic kidney problem) plus the fact she's so kittenish.

So I will be blogging some more about Houston and life etc, but not yet.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fantastic Keiko Goke Quilt

Of all the quilts I've seen so far at Houston International Quilt Festival, this is one of my favorites. My Double Wedding Ring quilt made by Keiko Goke:

Keiko is incredibly talented. This quilt was made improvisationally without templates, and beautifully quilted. She also added some hand stitches:

I didn't know before, but I sure do now, that Market is the best time to come and see quilts. The winners aren't up, but most of the other quilts are and it is a ghost town. Keiko's quilt looks stunning from far too, not just close up:

My friend Siobhan arrived yesterday and we're stitching and relaxing before the madhouse that is preview tonight.

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Book Looks Great!

Wow, I'm actually an author! Last Wednesday I got a review copy of my book Word Play Quilts in the mail. Wheeee! The book doesn't actually come out until December, but they have copies made up to send to magazines and I got one too.

I was worried (because that's what I do - I worry) that some of my quilts weren't going to show up well, but the photography is great. So happy with it. And look, the book is in the Martingale catalog:

Do you recognize the quilts on the bottom left and center? I didn't make them, QuiltDiva Julie did.  So fantastic!

I'm in Houston right now. This was my first time attending Quilt Market - I only came for two days of it and I'm already exhausted. I got to meet several of the lovely folks from Martingale that I've exchanged emails with and talked to on the phone - so great to finally have faces to attach to names.

Plus I've gotten to meet some delightful folks who read the blog - wonderful to talk to you! If you do happen to stumble across me, say hello, please.

For those of you attending Quilt Festival, I'll be at The Quilt Show booth doing a meet and greet on Thursday at 11am. I think. Definitely Thursday. Please come by and chat with me.

I wanted to write more in this blog post, but I am beat and I have another long day tomorrow, but that will be holiday time visiting with my cousin.

Before I go though, here are pics of Lily in my suitcase: