Monday, October 01, 2012

Fabulous Blocks

I am so lucky to have fabulous wonderful people out there in quilt blog land who sent me blocks to make a mourning quilt for my baby Pokey. And how do I repay you all? By not blogging for the last 6 weeks. eeeek, how did that happen?

Blocks from Marathon Quilter Cher and Heidi B. Heidi was sweet to send me German fabric to include with the quilt.

I never would have guessed Cooper would be so photogenic. He's great at cute poses and sitting still.

Smazoochie Beth made this oh so cute little Pokey face and the letters for MEOW:

Giraffe Dreams Carol E sent me an X and crumbs, and sweet Mary E., whom I met in WA last summer, made the hearts:

I'm sad to say that my horrible disorganization, procrastination, AND kitty mayhem means that I'm not as sure of who made what blocks as I should be. Diane S made the cappuccino heart (cuz Pokey was my cappuccino-colored girl) and I think it was Lynette who made the other lovely blocks. right?

Annabelle with an X made by A Moment of Whimsy Laura (a new friend from the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild - how dare she have the nerve to have to start back to school teaching instead of playing) and blocks from Margaret C:

Em Celebrates:

Quilt It Marit, who recently lost her beloved Venus. Breaks my heart.

Pokeytown Kim who's been blogging lately about her Beaver Island Quilt Retreat with Gwen Marston (woohoo):

Blue Mountain Daisy Rachael:


Indigo Threads Sharon K:

Note to self: never go this long between blog posts. My brain melted and I can't remember a couple of blog names. This is a lot of blocks. They are all so beautiful - this is going to be a wonderful quilt.

Laura took pity on me and cleaned out her stash.

I'm grateful for the lights and I have already used a bunch of these. Such a hoot to have all this Williamsburg Blue and Dusty Pink. Yes, I'll always take donations of uglies, especially lights. Oh and I did receive some lovely scraps to use in Pokey's quilt but did I keep track of who sent them? no, bad blogger.

I mentioned Debra in my last post. In addition to letters, she sent cat toys (those big mice with the long tails are *awesome* - they throw really well) and this cat bed (in Pokey colors) which the bigger cats take turns lounging in and catching rays. Here's Lily modelling it:

I'll leave you with one final picture. Destructo climbing girl Annabelle scaling my design wall (there's insulation board under the batting):

That's 6' off the ground at the top there. You can see all the gouges in the batting from her previous mountain climbing adventures. If there are blocks up there, she leaps up at them until she can get them down. If blocks are stuck up there with pins, that just means an extra toy to play with when she gets it down to the ground. She's a very silly girl.

So interesting how the kittens personalities differ. Annabelle is mischievous and loves to pull towels down. She leapt one too many times at the large quilts on the walls, so they've been put away and my walls are barren. Cooper meanwhile is so sweet - he jumps up and sits on my chest and rubs his face against mine. I think they've both had goes at the toilet paper - Annabelle likes to pull on the end and run with it, Cooper likes to chew through the roll. But really, that's the only naughty thing he does. I'm enjoying it all - I know they'll outgrow this kittenness all too soon.