Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home Safe and (Relatively) Well

After five nights in the hospital I finally got busted loose this afternoon. Whew. The surgery went well, turned out that it was an unusual fibroid. Between that and not eating much I've surely lost some weight. Best news of all is that the final test results say everything is benign. Woohoo.
So good to be home with the kitties. They're doing fine, although they'd gotten a bit skittish. Pokey made it safely to the vets and took her meds. woohoo. They're all happy now and being friendly to me and to Janet. Pokey even slept on me some this afternoon. I'm just making sure to have a big pillow across my belly every time I sit down.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. I appreciate each of you so much. Take care.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Felice's Quilt

Look how cute this top is that Felice made. These weren't her very first letters (those were boo) but awfully darn close. I know it frustrated her to make these to an exact size, but she did an awesome job of piecing the reindeer names.

She's figured out some of her own variations on letters too - take a look at those Ds in Donder. [Is the reindeer supposed to be Donder or Donner? It's actually kind of interesting to read about it.]

And look at Felice's cool M:

and R:

Great job, Felice. I've had those photos for three weeks and am just now posting them. d'oh. I've been distracted.

A quick non-quilting interlude and then I'll be back on topic. Tomorrow is my surgery. I have no idea how long I'm going to be in the hospital, but I know kitties will be fine. My cousin is here now and is already allowed to give Pokey belly rubs. It's been fun talking with her (Lisa, not Pokey), just too bad it's under these circumstances. I am cranky cranky today - not allowed to eat a thing except jell-o, plus I have to drink this really vile stuff.

Back to quilting. I finally decided what setting to use for my leftover Hope blocks. At first I was thinking of putting a 2" string border around each word, but that looked a little busy. (My friends got quite a laugh out of that "little." Okay, it looked very busy.) I'm liking this though:

I had cut out bunches of 4" strings thinking they'd be fun to us as components in a crumb quilt. Well, they are, just not quite how I was thinking.

Pokey is doing well. She had blood work done on Monday and she is slightly better. Woohoo. Here she is modeling some fun new fabric from the Fabric Square Shop.

I love the Spook Tacular - wheee, fun Halloween especially the design with all the little spiders. I thought it was fun to see this bright fabric next to the Shirtings 1870-1900 line - it really does all work together.

Is anyone else watching Top Chef: Las Vegas? I've been really pleased with this season. The contestants are really high caliber and, so far, professional. I like the focus on the food, rather than who hates who.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Quick Update

The good news is that it's probably benign, the bad news is that my medical problem is a tumor and it's going to have to come out along with a few other bits of my anatomy. No easy robot surgery either. Sigh. I'll be having the surgery sometime before the end of the month. My aunt will be coming for sure and my husband will get here in October.

I'm once again showing you an old photo - don't have anything new. I've done some sewing, but haven't had much in the way of focus. For what it's worth, Pokey is doing well. I went and bought a whole bunch of plastic under bed storage bins - I'm going to see if I can barricade Pokey's hiding spots.