Wednesday, July 20, 2005

finished the top

Woohoo, I'm thrilled - today I put in the last seam on the bed quilt top. I think. Ooh, and I even made the bed just so I could take this photo. Banner day.

I didn't have enough of any one fabric to do all the outer borders. So I figured, as long as I am using two, might as well use three. That's a different purple on the bottom border than the purple that goes all the way around the rest of it, up until that bit down here on the end, which is purple and blue. I didn't think it was all that different of a color when I put it in, but this photo sure makes it stand out. The two purples is hardly noticeable, but this other bit, hmm. I keep thinking I need to get the quilt on the floor or wall and look at it from a distance, but that defeats the purpose. It's a bed quilt - how does it look on the bed? Don't know, but it's bugging me in the photo.

Gonna put the top away for a bit, then get it out and see what I think. I also have to decide if I'm going to add any last bit to the top of the quilt - another length of the strippy bits with no letters. That would make it easier if I ever wanted to make the bed tucking the top bit under the pillows - as it is now, it's too short for that.

Can I just add that this is not my furniture? It's not my taste at all, came with the apartment. Very traditional mahogany -- bleah for me. My own storaged furniture is huge, chunky, funky oak and the bedframe has a footboard which means the quilt will look even different if and when it's ever used on my own frame.

Great day in the Tour de France. Yet another Discover rider gets a win, following George Hincapie's win on Sunday. And Popovych has the best young rider's jersey AND the Discovery Team is doing well in the overall team standings (tho somehow the internecine struggles of T-Mobile haven't stopped them from leading the team standings. Amazing) and of course Lance has the yellow which he'll take to Paris barring incident or accident.

Tonight is "INXS: Rockstar" - quite the guilty pleasure. My day would just be fabulously complete if only Harry Potter would show up. I guess he's having a hard time swimming across the Atlantic.


Frances said...

so you went for the pink and purple,

looks great, I've only just found your blog and am reading up from the bottom as you would have posted,

Tonya Ricucci said...

Hi, Frances

Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. Yeah, the pink and purple really did have more zing than the other choices I was considering.