Saturday, July 16, 2005

center quilt bit done

I've been slacking off a bit, but still managed to get the central bit of the quilt all together. It still needs a final press and then a trim along the sides, but other than that, finito. That section anyway. I'm pleased with the final size of this - it's exactly how I wanted it. I think what I may do next, unless I get incredibly bored with it, is piece another length like these ones, only without the letters, if that makes sense. It will look kinda like the edges. Might even have to do two of them, and then that will be the bit that tucks under the pillow when you make the bed.

HA! Make the bed. In my adult life I've probably made the bed a dozen times, and that only when I'm taking guests thru to see the whole house. Otherwise, who comes into the bedroom? No humans other than my sweetie and me.

So, yeah, might make the center a little longer in the uppy downy direction. Then there will be an inner border all the way around - I'm planning to audition turquoises for the role. Then the outer border will be wide and purple. I think. If purple works and I certainly hope it does.

Here's Lily being oh so helpful today. To give her credit she watched me pin lengths together and didn't make a lunge for a pin, which is one of her favorite activities. I then have to chase her down until she drops it. Great fun until someone loses an eye.

The other day I wrote something about "icing my knee" - in hindsight I could have phrased that better. I have this image in my head of slathering chocolate frosting on -- some kind of external chocolate therapy. Who knows, it might work.

Tour de France watching was excellent today - finally on some mountains again. Lance made almost the entire field eat dirt, only Basso keeping up with him. Lance didn't win the stage (a breakaway dude did a great job of staying in front of the pack) but now has well over a minute on everybody else.

Tomorrow should be another fantastic day of Touring and sewing. Maybe I'll have the whole thing together. Ba ha ha.


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Well we know you make the bed at least ONCE this year since you made it to take the picture.. :cÞ It looks GREAT!! And I love to see the pics of the cats being their feline selves. My Oscar is usually the one around here watching me (or sleeping) while I work.

Cant wait to see it when you get borders on!


Tonya Ricucci said...

Actually, I didn't make the bed - I threw the sheet and blankets back over and down onto the floor...