Monday, July 18, 2005

Quilt Mavericks

My friend Bonnie and I have started a new webring for quilters who aren't quite arty, aren't quite traditional either. I've always been a "do I really want to join a club that would have me as a member" kinda gal, but seeing as how we are trying to gather together quilters who don't fit in the other clubs, maybe I can manage to attend meetings. (I wish - it would be wonderful to be closer physically.) Anyway, check out the website, see what you think. There's a thingy over there on the right side panel that should work.

And just to give you an idea of what a liberated, maverick quilter can do, here's a bad photo of a quilt I made in ?2002? Maverick quilters do not have to be great photographers -- that's not in the rules. Not that there really are rules.

This quilt is now sitting (safely, please safely, nice and dry, no critters) in storage so I can't take a better picture of it or a close up. The fabric in the center squares has aliens in spaceships on it, plus a couple with eyeballs. Sometimes I have a childish sense of humor and I love fabrics with aliens and monsters on them. The resulting quilts don't get to live on the walls all the time - just for the two or three months around Halloween. Don't feel too bad for them - none of my quilts get to live on the walls ALL the time - I have too many for that.

"Alien Invasion" was made with stars and sawtooth edge a la Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking. Maybe quilting this for me is what started Bonnie off on her no-rules, maverick sewing binge? That, or it just made her nuts, bwa ha ha. I like the way I used the fabrics in this one - very graphic. Sometimes I have a tendency to use too analagous of a color range and get blandness. Not this time. In this quilt the letters are each a different color and the background is a consistent black - the reverse of what I am currently working on.

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Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Sometimes you just gotta giggle, let that inner child come out and PLAY!! I loved this quilt's great!!