Friday, July 01, 2005

I love decorating for the holidays. Well, not all holidays - I don't do Thanksgiving (boring colors, boring imagery) or Easter (too pastel and cutesy). But the combination of red, white and blue can't be beat and stars and stripes are particularly graphic. Therefore, I have lots of fun making quilts and other folk art items for the holiday. Living overseas makes me homesick for the 4th of July and fireworks. Mmm burned hot dogs.

This is a cotton crazy quilt I made inspired by Gwen Marston, of course (LQ pg 28). It's too busy but I love it anyway. The border is made from one of my absolute favorite fabriks - a batik I only ever found that once. It's soo rich and gave me a great place to showcase my freehand fan quilting.

On the upper right is a small heart quilt embellished with loads of buttons, sort of in the style of Susan Shie. The other two pieces are just fun bits I've collected - nothing I made. The flag ornament on the left has since been taken down b/c it was a kitty magnet. They could just barely reach it from atop the china cabinet and I was afraid they were either going to break it or themselves.

This photo looks really dark. Didn't realize that before. Anyway, upper right is a fairly recent checkerboard-style quilt I made just cuz it was darn easy and graphic. Upper left is a small piece i made back in 2001 - the year of going crazy with my improv letters. I'll have to put some more photos in that show details and quilting. A job for another day since I should actually be sewing.

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