Monday, July 25, 2005

Harry Potter

In a world where there are awful people doing awful things (and in a fictional world where there are awful fictional people doing awful fictional things), it's good that there is love. Love and kitties to amuse us by playing "who's in the box?"

I've done nothing today besides read Harry Potter and take care of a few necessities such as eating, showering, the usual. Now I've finished and can come up for air. The book was most excellent, but a bit of a downer. No, not a bit of a downer -- a downer. No surprise that, since each book has been darker than the previous one. Now I can't believe we have to wait for the next one. I want it now.

Lance has, inevitably, won the Tour de France and I am bereft. No more Tour de Lance. Ever.

I need to go and do something happy, like watch the rest of "Gilmore Girls" season 2. They'll cheer me up with their witty banter, they always do. Go sew a few more beads on my red, white and blue thingy, which is at a really boring point, but can't get to a good one if I don't keep going.


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Your Evil Plan generator is REALLY EVIL! It wouldn't let me click the back button back to your was holding me hostage, I had to go back up and click GO and click a different link to get out of there because the back arrow wouldn't do it. MWwaahhhhahahahahahah.

I love the kitties playing peekaboo. Too fun! My Oscar is notorious for fishing my ponytail holders out of the drawer. He batts them around, and then what is really evil...he takes them up to the toilet and dumps them in! He fishes for them for a while, as long as they float, but if they sink..they are goners. :c/ Bad kitty!

Heat is atrocious, been feeling puny all day and not getting much of anything done. Finished binding and sleeve on the green 9 an idea for another quilt for my website, but don't feel like sewing it, so just added it to the list of "some day when I am inspired" Ughhhhh..


Finn said...

Hi Tonya, just had to say I love your wonky lettering ! And think your Alien Invasion force is awesome.
I've been working on a Little Monsters quilt, but nothing as cool as your lettering. You rock !
I'm a fan of Gwen Marson's since forever, but haven't wandered as far into the liberated piecing as some. Time to let go of the life jacket...LOL. I did one or two small pieces when the book first came out, but nothing since. You have inspired me.

Thank you for your nice comment about my orphans. I will try to get some better pics. I'm working off snapshots as I haven't figured out my digital camera as yet..*G*
I had joined up a bunch of left over snowballs, no 9 patches, and then just keep adding things.
When I quited it, I got pretty crazy and the one small fish block has "go fish" quilted into it.
I've got to try your lettering style. Never occured to me that you could vary the strip width ! Neat.
Keep up the great the fur babies too.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Bonnie, I advise you to never, ever wear a wet ponytail holder.

Finn, thanks for the compliments. Have fun trying out the letters and if you get stuck, just holler. Most of them are fairly easy when you think about it altho the capital Q is a pain in the patootie. Now figure out that digital camera - we want to see what you're working on.