Wednesday, August 10, 2005

this week's Rockstar performances

Really enjoyed Rockstar: INXS tonight. Marty's acoustic performance blew me away. He's gone from a zero to a 90 in my book. Also thought Ty was awesome - I just think he uses his voice so much better than all the others. He's singing, not shouting.

The band certainly liked Susie's performance much better than I did. J.D. and MiG were certainly fine, but not excellent.

I want to like Jordis more than I do. Her voice needs some age to it, some maturity and gravel. Whereas Deanna is all gravel - she needs to go.

Brandon once again did a great Southern rock song proving he does that really well, but what about INXS. I would be jumping up and down to get rid of him, except that I thought he did respectably with "Devil Inside" last week. If they would just hold him down and give him a haircut, shave off the Elvis sideburns and dress him better. Was thrilled when he threw the hat into the crowd (don't have to see that monstrosity again, hurrah) but there it was on his head again at the end. Aiyee.

You can certainly tell the band is down on Jessica. Last week they told her they didn't see any personality in her "Blister in the Sun" performance and this week no passion. Her saying she was giving it all she had was not very promising. I expect she'll be the next to go.

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