Tuesday, August 02, 2005

stuff n things

I've been concentrating so much on explaining letters, I've neglected to mention anything else going on in my life. I can take a breather now tho.

I'm reading "Lirael" the sequel to "Sabriel" by Garth Nix. I mentioned it awhile back. I'm disapointed this one doesn't have more of Sabriel, but love Lirael all the same. Any time you have a librarian who is issued a whistle to call for help; a clockwork mouse to go and fetch help when the whistle doesn't work; and a dagger, you know that is my kind of book.

I do have a soft spot for librarians. I've considered getting my Master's in Library Science, but any time I've looked at the reqs, it's all about information retrieval and ickiness like that. I just want to read books, talk about books, and recommend books. I even like sorting and shelving books - I worked at libraries for many years doing just that during high school and college.

Let's see. I loved the latest ep of "Angel" season 5 -- Ooh, Halloween -- it was marvelous. Not as good as when the scooby gang turned into the people who would actually be wearing their costumes, but still fun. I loved looking at how they were decorating the office - giant papier mache heads of a vampire and a skull. So cool, I want some of those. Have you guys noticed the Halloween thing I got going?

We had a baby earthquake on Sunday. It only measured 4 something on the Richter scale. Still, this was the largest one I've ever been in, and nothing was damaged, so it was actually fun. Got the weird rollercoaster-stomach-drop feeling.

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