Thursday, August 04, 2005

Capital J

Capital J is another letter that I could have made easier, but didn't. Easy is boring and ya'll don't want me to get bored do you? Things get ugly when I get bored... I wander off and never finish the alphabet, ba ha ha.

If you want to do this one the easy way, start out with a square from a medium-sized b-fabric and sew it to a strip of l-fabric and trim. If you want the extra flourish, then create something that looks like this:

And no matter which way you've started, add this section to an l-strip, as follows, and trim.

Some b-fabric is added next to that and the whole thing capped off with a strip of l-fabric, altho actually you could leave that off. When I look at the picture above, it does look like a J to me.

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