Sunday, August 28, 2005

orphan progress

Made some more changes to the orphan quilt. I pulled out all the leftover letters from my bed quilt and was able to write out my name as well as on 05 (originally made as an Oh S) without having to create anything from scratch except an apostrophe. I had a lot of extra letters. Name is a bit larger than I would have made it from scratch, but oh well. So far I have not created anything for this project.

I've joined pieces together on the left side - figure that column will be about 18" wide. Next might be that bottom row.


Frances said...

I like this lay out better the colours flow across the quilt,

Finn said...

hey tonya..lookin' good. Seems like you are riding this train..I like the nothing "created", really challenges a person. I did that same thing, piecing those odd shapes from the one not made quilt to form a border thingy. Kind of what you did with the left over letters. I really like what you're doing..*S*

Tonya Ricucci said...

thanks for the encouragement, gals.