Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Capitals E and F

For my F, I used a medium-sized chunk of l-fabric, sewn to a skinny b-fabric, sewn to a skinny l-fabric, sewn to a wide background. I did make a couple of slices along the left side and the top to get more of an angle on this one. For the E, I started in the middle, cuz I like having that middle section be shorter than the other two legs, then added from there.

And here they are are finished. The F has more of a straight bottom than you can tell from this photo, tho the right side does angle.

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Bonnie K. Hunter said...

This is so fun to peek in and see what you've been up to! I hope you are getting lots of feed back, I've posted your blog site to everyone on my mail lists since they took an interest when I posted pics of my quilts with words :c)

Back to school again for me today, and then I can hopefully work on some stuff this weekend!