Sunday, August 14, 2005

power outages

I haven't been posting as much as I would like to lately (I feel the compulsion to do so nearly every day). We've been hit by one power outage after another for the last week or so. They don't last long and I'm lucky to live in a building with a generator, but every time it happens, bam the computer is off. Yes, we've tried an OOPS (UPS) but it can't get charged up enough on the transformer to work. (Our big computer is 110, local power is 220.)

Last night we had three outages, which I was lucky enough to sleep through but which woke up my husband every time (the a/c shuts down, the fan is off - ack). While I've been awake we've had two. Sigh. We temporarily at least appear to be doing fine, but my baby Pokey is having fits for attention. She's nipping me, which is not nice. I've explained that to her unsuccessfully. So gonna go play with the cat and get some lunch (not in that order - can't reward her for bad behavior) and maybe just maybe come back later today.

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Catherine said...

Tonya, Thanks for the comment on my blog page. I appreciate the encouragement very much. Even though I am moving slowly on my letters I am checking your site for pointers regularly. Thank you again for your tutorial...but don't feel pressured to go so quickly. I know you have lots of other projects on your plate. Later, Catherine