Monday, August 01, 2005

Star Light and fabric choice

This is Star Light, the next quilt I made after the Alphabet Sampler. Don't have a picture of it finished, cuz that would be too organized. In this quilt I practised making small letters (as in non-capitals, not tiny) and used a different style of M and W - they look like knocked over capital E's and don't have angles. I don't like the effect nearly as well as when there are angles, but this method is easier.

Now I throw this quilt in here to illustrate a point about choosing fabric. The letters are scrappy, the background consistent. Consistent, but busy. It makes it hard to read the letters. It's not a disaster in this quilt, because the saying is well known, and there is an icy, starry quality to the whole thing: it shimmers and blinks. But is that an effect you want in your project?

So unless you are being deliberately obscure, choose letter/number fabric(s) that contrast well with the background.

Okay my next recommendation is that you use just one fairly solid looking fabric for either the characters OR for the background. If all the fabric is different you end up with something that looks like a ransom note. This isn’t as much of a problem in a sampler as it is when you have words strung together. You'll get to see my ransom notey looking quilt in October (gotta keep ya coming back for something).


Finn said...

Hi Tonya, wanted to say I really like what you are doing in your quilts. Your liberated approach is refreshing in a time when so many are "Thimbleberries" or "Debbie Mumm". I'm an independent thinker and it's so nice to see that in you and in Bonnie. I'm new to the idea of blogs, and bloging, but I sure do love seeing quilts this way.
I fell in love with your Alien Invasion, and like what you do with the alphabet.
Thanks for sharing the good stuff on how you approached it.
I really enjoy reading your blog. Love the kitties too, my life is haunted by the spirit of Charlie, my holstein cat, a HUGE
black and white fellow who loved curing up on my quilts, and always got my attention by sitting on my foot. I look forward to seeing more of your quilts and small pieces. The July pieces are great! Love the Liberty blooms. Keep up the great work!

Tonya R said...

Thanks, Finn. Don't worry, I'm new to blogging too - just started at the end of June. But I love that we non-traditionalist, non-artsy quilters can find each other this way.