Thursday, August 18, 2005

my new body

I finally went in to the doctor yesterday. He thinks it's possible that this constant headache might be caused by the Ibuprofin I have been taking, unsuccessfully, to make the swelling in my knee go down. So now I'm on this new wonder drug called Aspirin. So far, not very thrilled. Still have the headache and the knee isn't any better (tho that will take time). Hasn't even been 24 hrs yet and don't know how long it is supposed to take for the Ibuprofin to be out of my system. Sigh.

As soon as I can kick this headache I will call the physical therapist and start working on the exercises that will reduce (is it too much to hope for "get rid of entirely") my knee problem.

Did anyone else watch "Now and Again?" It was a great sf show by Glenn Gordon Caron, the man who brought us "Moonlighting." The concept is that overweight, out-of-shape, middle-aged John Goodman's brain is transplanted into the young, fit, biogenetically engineered Eric Close. Fabulous show, tragically placed on the Friday night death-slot and named far too similarly to "Once and Again" the soapy relationship show on another channel. The show lasted one season and I'm still waiting for it to show up on DVD.

Besides saving the world from evil, much of the drama comes from John/Eric wanting his own life back. He wants to be with his wife and daughter in suburbia, eating cheeseburgers and fries, and kicking back on the recliner reading.

Anyway, I want that body. I want to wake up one morning fabulously fit, muscular, high pain threshold. Don't need to be able to climb buildings like Spiderman or do any of that superhero stuff, I just want to be able to sew where and when I want to. For hours and hours and hours at a time without making my neck hurt so bad and my arms go numb. Numb is bad. Shooting pain, also bad. I want to be able to walk on the treadmill and get some exercise, without throwing my knee out. I'm tired of it all.

Now I realize I haven't done the best job of keeping this body in shape. Haven't done a job of it at all if we're going to be brutally honest. But the one that is already fit, sure I'll keep it up. Really.


Bonnie said...

Okay Tonya! This is your massage therapist talking! Tingling down your arms can be caused by muscles in your neck that attach to your first rib right under your collar bone. The muscles in your neck get contracted and shortened because of time at the sewing machine (head down and forward) and also spent in a chair slumped and reading harry potter books (slumped down, chin towards chest) the muscles have a little space between them where the neurocascular bundle that includes your brachial plexus (nerves that go from your brain to your fingers down your arm) travel. If the muscles in your shoulders and neck impinge this bundle of nerves....tingling and pain down the arm occurs! There are a couple places where the impingement can be... the same bundle can be pinched closer to the end of your clavicle as it travels down your arm as well.

All the work we do is in front of the front of us gets closed off and shortened because we don't open up the opposite way....stretch your arms wide and puff out your chest...stretch your neck from side to side. Hold the stretch through several deep breaths. Laying backward over one of those exercise balls is great...just let your arms flail open and relax into it. You should feel this in your pecs too. This should help. Do this several times a day! We need to open up the front of our bodies.

"Muscles prevent the opposite action" That is my $6000.00 statement to remember. If muscles shorten anywhere, it's a chain reaction. Think Open Open Open and give those nerves the room they deserve to function!

Okay it's just after 6am and I'm probably rambling too long.

Hope you feel better soon!


The DWG said...

Wow. That's quite a comment you sent there, Bonnie. I was just going to thank her for the tip on Now and Again.

Frances said...

sorry you are feeling bad Tonya hope you feel better real soon,

Tonya R said...

Okay, Bonnie, open open open.