Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Brain is Mush

Okay, I've added another couple of letters and now I'm going to leave off for the day. How lazy is that? I can't help it, having to think is making my brain turn to mush.

Anyone else catch Rockstar: INXS this week? My least favorite performance was by Deanna (the one who serenaded the band up close and in person) and I'd like to see Brandon go. I still don't look at any of them and think: WOW this person is it, this is the one I'd want to see fronting the band, I'd pay for that. Not one of them. The band complimented several performances that I only thought were eh. There's no way MiG is going to replace Freddy Mercury any time soon.

I did actually pay to see INXS perform years ago. Think it was the "Listen Like Thieves" tour, but not sure. It was in the mid 80's - it wasn't in a huge stadium. All I really remember about it was what a fantastic time I had.

On other tv news, we're catching up with the first season of Rescue Me, the Denis Leary firefighter show. It is truly a breath of fresh air - despite all the smoke and grime. I can't believe this show is on cable in the states. I mean, this has got to be rated R at least. The show is not for the politically correct and I LOVE it. Lots of humor amidst the serious topics.


Frances said...

Tonya, please, please, please do not post the letters if you have other things to do or just plain don't feel like,

I was looking at your sample quilt yesterday and realised that now I have the process i could probable work most of the others out, if you do not mind, I am very conscious of copyright and do not want to copy your letters for personal use without your permission,

have a good day,FrancEs,

Tonya R said...

Frances, use the letters however you wish. technique is not copyrighted, just my words and pictures explaining it. Now I would be upset if you copied my sampler exactly to include MY name instead of your own, but otherwise, have fun.
Yeah, once you get the hang of how to make the letters it really isn't hard to figure out how to make the other letters, altho you can occasionally hit a stumper (capital Q can be a pain unless you take the easy way out).
I do actually enjoy showing everyone how to make the letters, it's just fussing with Blogger that can be challenging (must put photos in reverse order of how I want them to appear...).