Monday, August 15, 2005

Capitals D and K

Here we come to a couple of letters that I've made harder than I needed to. Both the capital D and K can be made by making a large V with a wide mouth and then adding a strip of background where you need it to complete the letter.

That's not how I made my D. I also could have made an O and maybe added small background triangles on the right side. Did I? Noooo, too easy. Instead, I cut out a rectangle of background and lopped off the upper and lower right corners. Then I added five strips of l-fabric going around the front of it. This is what it looked like with the first two additions.

The first four strips were narrow, the fifth one on the bottom was a medium. Looking back at it, I probably should have started the mediums sooner. Not the prettiest letter ever is it.

And here's the K. I started with a background fabric rectangle and sliced it where the legs go.

Then I inserted angled strips. If I'd used straight ones this wouldn't look quite so wonky. Wish I'd used wider strips, more angled, but oh well. Take a look at this upside down and you'll notice a small y peeking out, tho if I were making the y, I'd have angled my very first slice thru the background differently.

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