Friday, August 19, 2005

new maverick, evil spam, geek girlness

I discovered we have a new Quilt Maverick amongst us. Check out "A Day in the Life of a Quilt Junkie" if you haven't already - Tracey has some very beautiful, moving things to say about life and dealing with pain. Makes me feel guilty now for whining about my teeny headache (which I still have by the way - just a little whine with my cheese today).

While reading Tracey the Junkie's blog I came across what is to me a relatively new phenomena: the evil comment spam. I can't tell you how much I hate telemarketers and spammers- why oh why does anyone ever every buy from them? Anyway, I looked up Blogger knowledge and there is a way to filter the evil spam out and I have now adjusted my blog to do so. I'm sorry, but this means you are going to get one of those screens asking you to type in some letters/numbers to make sure you're not a machine any time you leave me a comment. I know, I don't like that either, but I refuse to have an unlisted number, so to speak.

I finished the novel "Ghosts in the Snow" by Tamara Siler Jones last night. I discovered her when I was googling on "quilt" and "blog" (of which there are still not nearly enough out there). She's a quilter as well as a writer. Not just any kind of writer either; she combines my two favorite genres: mystery and fantasy. The book jacket describes it as combining "forensics, fantasy, and edge-of-your-seat suspense like never before." Don't know that I was all the way at the edge of my seat, but otherwise, an accurate statement.

The book is gruesome in parts, somewhat over-the-top gruesome, but there you go. I highly recommend it tho, so if it sounds like something you might enjoy, try it.

Does it actually sound like it would appeal to you?

For years I've been the oddball quilter. (Before that I was just an oddball :) ) My quilts always look different than everyone else's. Always. I'm almost always the only quilter in the group who likes cheesy sci fi movies and reads fantasy. I've always been the only quilter (at least that admits to it) that watches zombie movies with glee. "Return of the Living Dead" has always been one of my favorites and the recent "Dawn of the Dead" remake and "Shaun of the Dead" were fabulous. So for me to stumble across Ms. Jones, a quilter, who admits to loving horror movies (and proves that handily in her writing) is rewarding, inspiring, affirmative... something along those lines. I don't feel quite so alone out here. Aren't blogs grand?

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Finn said...

Mornin' Tonya...I feel compelled to say BLOG ARE GRAND, YOU ARE GRAND, YOUR QUILTS ARE GRAND..I love GRAND ! Hurray for being an individual...marching to the drummer you hear has pretty much always(not sure I like THAT word) cost more than the going price. Oh well.....*G*G*G*G*G* Like it or lump it conformists *&#)_$&%. It would seem that maybe we threaten them, somehow, and then they must "finger point".
I, too, saw my first blog "spam" last evening..probably on Tracey's and then on one other that I read, but can't remember which. Make me angry also. I know Sharon at Granny's Shoe has her email spam protected. Not sure if the comments are or not. Apparently nothing is safe anymore..speak of the walking dead!! They live, they spam !!! I love sci fi..and addicted to TNG of Star Trek, loved the movie StarMan and StarGate. Not quite so comfortable with the horror stuff(think that might go with my generation..the 40's), but sure don't mind if you are. I like spiders and bats, not even remotely fond or tolerant of snakes.

Hope you head is better, or better soon. Watch the tummy, nasty stuff, asprin. I have to take it with cheese or some such thing.
OK..long comment..gotta go sew..I got letters..I got letters..I got letters...*VBG*