Thursday, August 11, 2005

Don't Cry for Me

Sorry if I left ya'all with a mistaken impression after a previous post about how hard it is to get quilting cotton here. It is hard, that part is true, but that doesn't cause any difficulties for me. I belong to the have-stash, will-travel crowd. I'm missing a stack of pinks from these shelves - they're off somewhere else as I ponder a project with them. Well, pondered - that was months ago and I never decided to start it. Just never got them back here again. They're living in exile with the batting and odd polyester and nasty fabrics I've collected for Halloween decorating.

While I do have some strips of like-sizes all separated out (they hang over a quilt rack not pictured here) for the most part I store my scraps by color. For the last several years I've made lots of projects that are very improvisational - I didn't need certain sizes of pieces or strips. And when I am stripping, I prefer playing with my fabric before I start the project. I like to put all the ones I'm thinking about using together, sort, add, remove and then starting cutting strips specifically for that project. The pre-cut strips rarely get used. I know that's bizarre, don't ask me to explain why that is. Certainly a completely different approach from friend Bonnie.


Jen said...

So glad you have a nice stash to keep you company so far from home! The quilt group you go to must be a lifesaver.
Just discovered your blog and I enjoyed seeing your projects. Love the self-portrait! Jen

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thanks, Jen. Yes, having a quilt group here has been excellent - been a long summer with most of them gone. Good thing I found the blog world.