Monday, August 29, 2005

bad kitty, good kitty

My cats were doing their best to be obnoxious this morning. Howler started wailing at 5:15am. I mean crying and crying and leaping on the bed, jumping down, back on the bed. My sweetie likes to think that Howler is just lonely and affectionate. Ha! Much more likely there wasn't enough food in the food dish. Even after a year and a half of living indoors with a constant supply of food, he can't get over his street cat starvation complex. Then he ate too fast and managed to yack twice today. That'll teach me to not make sure the cat food is heaped high when I go to bed.

So after Howler has woken me up, I get a visit from Lily doing her best to dig her way to China through the bedsheets, and then Pokey starts crying for attention after dropping her toy Mousey on the bed. Sigh.

This is a photo of bad Pokey on the fridgetop playing with my tacky magnet collection.
And after they just make me nuts, then they do something so sweet like curl up on my chest and purr and purr. And here is Lily actually being a bad kitty by sleeping in the bowl with all my fabric scraps but she does look so sweet.

I've been doing some of Bonnies "Leaders and Enders" while sewing on the orphans. Of course my quilt won't look anything like Bonnie's since I'm using itty bitty teeny tiny scraps and just doing a crazy. A scrap has to be smaller than 3/4" square for me to throw it out - unless I hate the fabric in which case it goes into the "donate" bag.


Cathi said...

OK Tonya, totally non-quilt related, just expat related... Do Egyptians really use those HUGE American sized fridges? I have been living with a standard under the counter fridge ever since I came over to Ireland, only recently updating to a much more petite than American sized "big" fridge... I'm jealous, :-P

Tonya R said...

I can honestly say I don't know what size fridges are standard in Egyptian homes. I would guess the small, under-counter ones. All the homes I've been in here have been fitted out for spoiled expats. Not all expat fridges are as large as this one tho. We're lucky cuz my husband works at the embassy and all embassy housing has American-standard appliances.

Bonnie said...

Awwwww...who could be mad at that kitty!! She does look so cute curled up in the bowl!

I have my own kitty madness going on here. Oscar is a sneaky one...leave the house and he finds a way onto the quilt in the quilting machine......making his kitty cat hammock...I come back to tell-tail white fur and a saggy baggy spot in the quilt!!! I'm sure he is revelling in thinking he is so sneaky... :c/

Tonya R said...

I can see the lure of that kitty hammock... Mmm, napping.