Monday, August 15, 2005

Capital Q

Alright, this is it, we've hit the end of the capital letters. I think. Did I miss anything? I know I've made them all, getting them posted might be another story.

Q can be dead easy. Make an O and then add the little tail to the side. And there are probably easier ways than I've done it, but sometimes I just want to have a bit of fun. Stupid Q starts with an x. I made mine too small the first time (there are lots of seam allowances coming out of this) and had to start over. I then added an oversized bit of background attached to the same-size strip of letter fabric. Oversized gives me more room to adjust the strip to exactly where I want to attach it. And I did want it in a specific spot. I can't describe it well, but you can see how the strip was attached.

And repeated the procedure.
And finished off with a two more additions of the letter fabric on the top and left side. And there's the stupid Q.

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