Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Santa on a Flamingo

Mad Fabri-holic Samantha keeps taunting me - telling me she's gonna post a pic of her "cheesy" flamingo Christmas fabric and then not doing it. Well, I'll show her, here's my Santa riding a Flamingo. I commissioned my favorite Tentmaker last year to create this wallhanging for a friend who is insane about flamingos. And then I had to get one for myself of course. The hangings did turn out different tho: she ended up with a golden flamingo.

I'm not going to write much - I'm in the middle of a two-day quilting class. We're learning an accurate way to piece half-square triangles. Ha ha ha, I laugh at your accuracy. I, of course, am making the units oversized and then recutting them smaller to make them wonky (and very biasy). So far I have a few of the half square triangle units done, but no bigger blocks sewn together. Not sure how I'm going to do them - I love the Hovering Hawks block, but than means more work.

Now don't faint dead away, but I'm actually using a bunch of YELLOW and ORANGE and RED along with my pinks and purples. Bah ha ha ha - gotta keep ya'all guessing. The colors are still all brights, so that's not as scary as me using Williamsburg Blue and peach or something country like that.

Of course my camera battery was dead this morning, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have it all charged up and can take some photos. Prob won't post tomorrow tho, so see ya on Friday.


Finn said...

Love the offering Tonya...LOL..guess you showed her..LOL. How about that? A quilt class, for precision piecing and you a maverick..*G*..I imagine you are driving that poor instuctor wild...LOL. can't wait to see what you produce..*VBG* You go girl !

Tonya Ricucci said...

I have to give the instructor, Jenny Bowker, full credit for allowing us all to go our own way. She's helping those who want to do it perfectly and meanwhile encouraging me to do it however I want to. If I'd known there were instructors out there like that I might have taken more classes over the years. I'll tell you more about it next post...

Hunter said...

I love the flamingo Santa. That's great! I can see your favorite tentmaker would be my favorite tentmaker, too.

I hope you enjoy your class.


Quilts And Pieces said...

I love the pink flamingo! What fun!

And I'm dying to see what your making and doing in class!!!

I can tell your the trouble maker in the class!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, i can take a hint. i'll get it up on my blog by tomorrow night (my mom is visiting from SC as we moved my grandma to a nursing home in PA today- complicated enough for you?)

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Oooohhhh..the colors sound wonderful! I can't wait to see what you are doing. And I hope you are having a GREAT TIME in the class, and being with other quilters. That's the best part! The pink flamingo is it!


Barbara C said...

I love that the eyes on the santa, the flamingo and the moon are all the same. Very charming piece.