Tuesday, December 20, 2005

more gift bags

I've hit the wall. If I haven't gotten it done yet, then it's not gonna get done in time for Christmas. In a way, that's a relief because it means I can just stop worrying and work on what I want to work on. Didn't get any Christmas cards done - no real surprise there since I haven't managed for several years running. I need to just buy Valentines and give up pretending.

All the presents are done and wrapped for hubby. I decided there was no point in stressing out making more gift bags of the appropriate size since I don't mind wrapping (he's the one who does) so I can go ahead and use paper. Didn't end up having to wrap many, so there won't be nearly as much garbage after this year's festivities. That'll be a disappointment for the cats. Pokey did enjoy "helping" me put ribbons and bows on packages today.

It's overcast and nasty today. Feels all gray and dreary like there should be snow - which would make everything so beautiful - but of course there won't be. I hate having the workmen clanking around in the corridors - they can't be done soon enough.

Watched some Gilmore Girls season 4 while I wrapped today. I had started this season a while back but found the first episode so annoying I couldn't continue. Everyone unwilling to just TALK to each other, which I know would spoil all the comedic effect but it would be so much better for them. And less annoying. Anyway, got over all that and enjoyed the eps I watched.

Just to have some pics to post, here are some gift bags I've made. The first one is from last year and is a white fabric with red spots that I decided needed to have red perle cotton ties tied in every spot. Oh bother, what a pain that was. A pain, but worth it - I love how it looks and it's always going to hold prezzies for me, me, me.

This is the one I just finished. This is one of the bags where the ends of the long rectangle end at the same place (I didn't do any kind of cutting at one of the ends if that makes sense) and I glue some ribbon at the top so it looks purdy.

The snowmen and the next gifty gift bag were both quilted the same way with a utility stitch. I made little X's all over the place with my perle cotton, going from one spot to the next through the layers. It's a fast way to utility quilt.

I made this one last year - it's the right size to hold a CD. It's a solid blue fabric that I quilted with white perle cotton snowflakes. Just in case you are wondering, the tag isn't misspelled - Ton is my nickname.

What I didn't realize until my hubby pointed it out is that this looks like the painted night sky in some of the Egyptian tombs we saw in the Valley of the Kings.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh those bags are just too cool! I love the snowflakes and snowmen ones!

My daughter love Gilmore girls and is getting season 4 (I think) for xmas so I'll be seeing all those shows again over the holidays. Isn't that terrible I can't remember what season it was she was on and I bought! But my youngest wanted to give her that, so I bought it, but she wrapped it. I just trusted she knew what she was talking about that, that was the season she was on!

Hunter said...

All the gift bags are lovely, but the starry night one is breathtaking. I could sit and stare at the picture.

Your gift bags are such a great idea. It used to really bother me to see all the gift paper in trash cans along the street after Christmas. Great job, Tonya.


The Calico Cat said...

nice assortment of bags & Overall a great idea!

The polka dotted one - is that a polka dotted fabric or did you tie red sequins to a white background in a random manner with red perle cotton?

Granny said...

Tonya: I can't believe how many of those bags you've made and each one is cuter than the last! Relax and enjoy yourself!

Judy L.

shaaphtelem said...

Tropical screamer is right. The starry night bag is breath taking. My my what a job well done.

Holly said...

Your gift bags are such a great idea, Tonya. I never would have thought something up like that but how neat that you can use them over and over. I love all the work you put into each one.

Quiltgranny said...

And purdy they all are, Ton!

Deb Geyer said...

Beutiful work, Ton!

Laurie Ann said...

Okay, I am definately adding gift bags to my list of "must makes." My list is getting long today! Thanks so much for the sharing and inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I have to say- great minds think alike- or at least use the same fabric. Look at Princess Girl's xmas stocking that I made, um, 4? years ago... http://static.flickr.com/43/74636838_f4dfe0cd9a_o.jpg

Do ya see the snowmen?