Thursday, December 15, 2005


Wow, today is a bright, beautiful, sunny day. Still not coat weather, but I did have long sleeves on. I walked over to my friend S's house and took this photo of the poinsettas that grow in front of her hedge. Aren't they marvelous. We apparently have the perfect growing conditions for them to color properly and they get BIG here (compared to seeing little ones for sale in the states). These ones are as tall as I am. You don't see poinsettas everywhere - just once in awhile here in Ma'adi - but it always makes for a nice holiday surprise to come across them.

While we were out today, we stumbled across a new store selling lamps and lighting fixtures. They have these lamps here in Egypt that are metalwork bases and then handmade glass is wired together to form the "shades" for the bulbs. They sell extra "shades" and I immediately saw Christmas trees.

I got one that's purple with green "ornaments" but it wasn't photogenic. I think these are great, but wish I had a better place to display them - like a windowsill where the sunlight would brighten them up. There's enough room to put tea lights in to get a bit of a glow.

Right now I have these set up on the buffet and I'm hoping they're heavy enough the cats aren't going to knock them off. My cats (well, three out of four) like to go up on the top of the china cabinet to observe and sleep. Unfortunately their "landing pad" is the top of the buffet. I think I've got enough stuff on there to deter them from that - otherwise there could be a disaster.


Finn said...

Pretty, shiny things...I like..*S*

Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW - I've never seen pointsettas that large! Very pretty! And what a bright sunny day!

And the lamp shade things are very cool! You find the betst things!

Hunter said...

I've never seen anything like the lamps. I love them. Shiny things are the best!

Granny said...

Tonya, I love the pictures you post . . the quilts you make, the scenery in Egypt and the "things" you find!

Judy L.

Nines said...

Love the lamps- I like anything glass. Nina

Darcie said...

Great pics, Tonya!

Those lamps are so cool. Wish we could see them lit up...but I know...those kind of pics usually don't work. Do they?

Your cats sound so fun...lots of personality!

Joanne said...

Love the lights -- so cool!
Your Santa Stars are adorable -- I can understand why you just kept making them! I made stuffed stars one year with jingle bells on every tip - and hung them on the doorknobs....hmmm... wonder what box they're in!