Friday, December 09, 2005

I got no class

I'm done with class. (Some would say I never had any class at all - ha ha ha.) Actually had a really good time. Jenny had us making half-square triangles (8 at a time out of each set of 2 fabrics) and then showed us examples of what we could do with them, as well as providing a hand-out with even more options. Cool, I love having choices.

I decided on a block called Jacks on Six. Here's one put together, along with a sampling of my liberated triangles.

I made the units an inch bigger than my desired finished size (2 1/2") and then twisted and sliced. Not worrying about the silly stuff like tips of triangles and matching seams makes life so much easier - lots of folks in class were on very familiar terms with their seam rippers. I only did it once, cuz I wasn't paying enough attn and got one whole side of the block turned around.

I really like how it's come together (except for maybe the triangles with the dark reddish purple in the lower right corner). Now you're going to think I'm an idiot (after all, I chose the fabrics and the wonkiness) but I didn't realize quite how juvenile this was going to turn out. I'm hoping my hubby isn't going to hate it, but he really dislikes bright colors and assymetry and prob everything about this one (he hasn't seen it yet). Maybe it'll eventually end up on the wall in the guestroom/fabric storage room. Or it could be my new lap quilt so that my Halloween lap quilt doesn't get used year round.

Don't know when I'm going to work on the Jacks tho - have loads of Christmasy things yet to do. My bleached white cotton-poly batting arrived in the mail, so I can finally get back to work on my Noel Sampler after that yucky attempt at using a poly batting. Basting sounds like a quick job to do today. I can handle that.

Here's a gift bag I finished before going off to class. Yes, I'm kinda button obsessed. But look at how much fun this is. The hard part will be to make a gift tag that will work well with it and not just hide all the buttons. I was more frugal with this project - there are only buttons on the front of the bag - the back is quilted 2 stitches to the inch in red embroidery floss.

Here's one I made last year, where I wasn't so cautious with my button hoard - this one is covered front and back in buttons.

I can't believe what a homebody I am - feels so good to not have to leave the apartment today. And it's not even like I'm being a sissy cuz it's too cold out there (like it is in the States) - it's been warm in the mid-70's here, tho it's only supposed to get to 70 degrees today. Bet you don't feel sorry for me.


Sarah said...

Tonya -

I love the button bags! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I love the wonky ones!! Gwen would be so proud..*hehehe* I started some of the 'regular' not wonky blocks like this in blacks and got way laid because there was no spark to YOURS have spark!!! LOVE IT!


Finn said...

NOPE..NONE...NADA..fresh out of sympathy for people with 70 degree weather. You can have my 5 and I'll raise you 11 buttons and some perle cotton !

Love the wonky triangles..wheeew, I was worried there for a bit..but you can through unscarred. The button bags are just a hoot! I especially like how you've done the X sewing on some buttons and the - on others...great job!

Hunter said...

What great gift bags. There wouldn't even have to be a present in mine and I'd be happy.

The triangles are so cheerful and fun.

Thanks for the cheerful picture.


Quiltgranny said...

Waiting to see wonky goes wild and whether hubby will accept or reject it! LOL!

Love the buttons and the bags!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the button bags. Sheesh, you wouldn't even have to give me a gift- I'd be totally thrilled just to get the BAG. And, if your hubby is not in love with the bright asymetrical quilt, it could always live in my house...

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love those button bags! Especially the green one with the red buttons! And your bright jacks blocks are going to be just too cute! Glad you had fun in class! I missed you!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Boy some of ya'all would be really easy to give gifts to - here's the wrapping with nothing inside - bwah ha ha ha. Thanks for the compliments.