Friday, November 11, 2005

Last look at Halloween

Sorry I've been MIA. I should change my blog title to Cranky Gal Quilting and then I could post every day. Ba ha ha ha. Sorry, had the PMS blues. I always have a day or two where the world is tragic, no one loves me and everything sucks. I know this about myself. My hubby has been warned and is allowed to ignore me (well, ignore my whining).

Got the update from my rheumatologist. Definitely have the evil PVNS. As far as I know, can wait a while for that surgery and have it while we're in the states inbetween tours next summer. (No one has said, get it NOW before your leg falls off.) On the good side, got the doc to admit that I may just have the A.S. as well - he's not ruling it out. So that's a small victory. As such.

Yesterday I went for my first real walk since the arthroscopy. Alone, tho hubby was on standby to drive over and pick me up if needed. Wasn't a huge walk, but I did go to the framer's and pick up my Web thready which has been languishing at the shop for ages and then made it over to a cafe to pick up lunch. Even better, my knee didn't blow up.

Decided to show you the finished thready in place. I know, I know, I should be done with Halloween already, but there's so much to see. On the top shelf is my purple cat embroidery, which I'll talk about another time. I bought the papier-mache headed devil and witch, which are loads of fun. The middle shelf has three of my threadies that are done on pre-printed fabric. On the left are three skeletons, in the middle the green monster ya'll watched me do (doesn't he look good framed?), and candy corn, which I made several holes in so you can see the red-orange "velvet" backing through. On the lower shelf is a Halloween sampler a wonderful friend made for me this year.

Yes, it is actually still Halloween at my house and will be another two weeks. Mwa ha ha ha.


Finn said...

I put my comment about this post in the one above...hmmmmm..maybe my brain isn't working as well as I thought it was....LOL

Great pic...I love all you kooky halloween(and other) stuff. Is there a Santa Bob coming?????

Tonya Ricucci said...

Is there a Santa Bob? Really, do you even have to ask that? Stay tuned...