Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ghosts - whooooooooo

I know this post is ghosts, but I decided I had to include a detail from Boolicious and I'm too tired to play around to get this in the right spot...

Here are a couple of ghosts I made out of my husband's old oxford cloth shirt. I cut out large circles, stuck a ball of stuffing in the middle and loosely gathered around it. Well, sorta. I flattened it out first I guess. Then I applied the faces.

"Boolicious" is one of my early crusties. I hope when you click on the picture you can see this much larger - looks kinda small to me. I'd make it differently now, but that's the learning process, right? You learn what works by doing it.

Bonnie recently mentioned that when one of her quilts was hung for a show they found a pin quilted into the middle of it. D'oh. I've had that happen too. I managed to applique the ghost on the left right over a safety pin. The difference is, I made a hole through all three layers and got it all out. Ba ha ha ha. Yeah, not a technique I'd do on a real quilt either.


Quilts And Pieces said...

I love Boolicious! And your halloween stuff and free dessigning techniques crack me up!

Darcie said...

Dawn took the words right out of my...fingers! ;-} Love it!


Darcie said...

Oh Tonya? I've been sort of wondering...does hubby have any clothes left? LOL Just joking!