Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jill's Coffee Quilt

This is a quilt that goes along really well with the last one I posted. I made this one for Jill. It says: you are a fabulous friend - come over for a cup of coffee anytime. (Yes, Darcie, I have been known to drink coffee, so long as there is lots of cream and sugar.)

I really enjoyed making this one, using colors I don't normally use and raiding a friend's stash to get the koi fabric for the one pot. I free-pieced the whole thing and played around with making the coffee mug handles in different ways. I don't have a better picture of this one unfortunately and no pics of the quilting. I used black perle cotton for most of it, making swirls of steam rising from the cups and doing the 1/16" in outline of all the images, finishing it off with a wonky cross-hatch in the border.

Sewcatherine mentioned a book in a recent comment and the truth is I did actually start one a few years ago. I even sent a proposal to one of the publishers, but they wanted to do a project book, not what I had in mind at all (which was an explanation of the technique and many examples and inspirations, kinda exactly what I do on this blog). I knew it would destroy my soul to try and precisely make and describe cookie-cutter projects with exact measurements and yardage. Couldn't do it.

Plus, my life kinda got topsy-turvy with my hubby changing jobs and us moving overseas. So for now, I'm content putting this all out on the blog and maybe one of these days I'll get my act together and do a webpage. Actually received an html book the other day as a gift - maybe it was a sign.

Wherever ya'all are, Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well and travel safely.

P.S. speaking of inspiration, take a look at what And Sew It Is Holly is doing with the free-pieced letters


Quilts And Pieces said...

Tonya - I am just loving these "message" quilts you do with the words! Now why can't I make some time and just do one?

They are just so cool!
I love this one!


Finn said...

Love this one too Tonya...really great to see the furthest reaches of your you mind??? LOL...can I still love Alien Invasion the most?? I'll share my sandwich with you..*G*

Finn, who is still one H short of a ho, ho, ho....

Hunter said...

Beautiful quilt. :)

I'm using colors out of my normal range this year. (Which wasn't hard since I used to work in just blues.)

Thanks for providing such inspiration.


Lucy said...

Tonya I see everywhere your letters:c). It makes me smile. And when I have time ( After my NY beauty :c) I will make some too

Holly said...

Another neat quilt! I like the sentiment alot and the coffee mugs. You may have just provided me with a setting idea. I'm getting all kinds of ideas from you :)

Darcie said...

Ohmygoodness, Tonya! I've been such a fan of your work since I've gotten to "know" you...but this one! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

I don't know if it's 'cuz of the coffee mugs or if it's 'cuz of the colors...or is it that awesome border fabric or what.... It just speaks to me!

Oh! And glad to hear that you've "tried the stuff!" ;-)


Nines said...

Another great letter quilt! The textiles are lovely. Is the border fabric a batik? Good luck on the book thing- think you'd do a great job- doing it your way, of course!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thank ya'all.

Darcie, how could I not try coffee when it just smells so incredible? Not that it did my bank account any good to learn that I love stopping in to Starbucks to buy the expensive stuff...

Nines, the fabric border isn't a batik (printed with gold metallic highlights), tho the dragon and dragonfly fabrics on the bottom row are.

Vendy said...

Coffee is the first thought comes into mind when you wake up early in the morning and recently i gave a coffee mug gift to my wife