Monday, November 21, 2005

sewing gift bags

I'm finally feeling better - good enough to spend some time at the sewing machine even. On Saturday I sewed up four gift bags (I use the pillowcase method to turn these inside out - that finishes the edges off nicely). I almost finished this red heart one today. The only thing I haven't done yet is added the velcro to close the flap. That chore is much easier now that I've learned I can glue the velcro on rather than sewing it.

This is what the red heart bag looked like after I got all the quilting done on it today:

I hand stitched it up the sides to get the proper shape and added a decorative button:

This is a detail of the quilting. I did my usual fans with red perle cotton. I was afraid it was going to look too busy, but I think it turned out fine. This fabric is certainly busy enough all on its lonesome - there's a reason I never got it worked into a quilt. It kept screaming "me, me, me" which isn't desirable when the fabrics are supposed to be playing well with one another.

Yes, I did just spend the last day and a half quilting this (maybe 10 hours?) . I know it's a time waster, but I soooo love the finished product. I love how the bags feel, love it even better when there's a present in them. I started making these because my husband HATES wrapping presents. The first bags I made (years ago) were just fabric - didn't even put drawstrings in them - they had to be tied with ribbons. I used fabric I didn't like any more, and sometimes even hated, and was then surprised when I wasn't happy with the finished product.

These quilty ones are much better. I use up odd-shaped bits of batting, which helps pad things out so you can't tell so easily what's in the bag. I have to get cracking sewing more cuz if my hubby runs out of them I don't get any more presents. Tho maybe if I make an endless supply of gift bags there will be an endless supply of prezzies - mwa ha ha ha ha.

I have of course created a HUGE mess in my sewing room (aka the dining room, which is part of the living room - I have a very tolerant hubby) with stacks of fabric and lots of batting piled up. Here's my baby Pokey enjoying the mess.


Finn said...

Morning Tonya, Love the bag..! It's really great fabric, and can do double duty...bring it out again at Valentine's Day!!

It's neat that you quilt them...the time is what you love, right? *S*

I've used fabric wrap for quite a few years with my quilt friends, using salvadge edges for the ribbon, and pin where just becomes part of the gift. But your bags are way beyond that..awesome idea..keep going!

Hunter said...

Oh my gosh. I thought it was just me. I've been working in the living room on my couch. I have a nest around me of material, bits of thread, rulers, etc. Tigger gets right in the middle and I have to watch not to leave anything with pins out or he'll lay on them, too.

I just told Dear Husband I can't figure out why I can't quilt and me "neat." Does anyone else have to constantly chase bits of threads all over the house?

Hugs to Pokey.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Love the pic of Pokey!! What a cutie pie!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh tonya you are so gosh darn creative and get things done! What an adorable bag! I'll never get to try all the things I want to try between you and Bonnie!

Granny said...

I can't believe you hand quilt those bags but what great bags they make! Looks like the kitty loves having your fabric spread out.

Judy L.

Darcie said...

Great bag, Tonya! How clever you are! I like Finn's idea about the "double duty," don't you?

So...if you make really big bags...does DH buy you a gift to fit it...and if you make really iddy biddy bags...does he find you iddy biddy gifts? I'm thinking...CARS for the big bags...JEWELS for the iddy ones!?!?

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving there? HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU!


Tonya Ricucci said...

Hmm, somehow I think a bag to fit a car into is gonna take a bit of work....