Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I've been quilting

I've been quilting on Cranky. I'm still not sure how I want the fans to go. Whenever I think "witch" I think "Wizard of Oz" and the tornado. So the spiral design, the wind blowing around and around and around, is kind of appealing. Finally decided I would go once around the border. I can then revisit and go anyway I want. When I showed you three different ways of having the fans go, that doesn't mean you can't combine them. I've reached the edge of the quilt now and am soon going to be going up the left side.

I wanted to show you a detail of what I've been doing so far. It illustrates two points. First, I forgot what I was doing and only made 5 fans instead of 7. You can see where it dips lower in the middle there. Not a problem - I'm just going to add a couple of shorter arcs. Secondly, look at the difference in the heights of the fan units. The one on the left is a good quarter inch below the border and the other goes above. That's how it goes. If you're interested, click on the photo and you should get a bigger shot of it.

This other picture belonged in the post where I was showing how to draw the fans. Of course I couldn't find it that day. Here it is tho.
Everything is going okay. I've been watching some "Stargate" and Season One "Desperate Housewives" while I'm quilting. Been reading Jim Butcher, who's main character is a wizard fighting the bad critters (vampires, werewolves, the usual suspects). Like it okay, don't LOVE it as much as I'd like to. I'm on the third one now, "Grave Peril."


Finn said...

Hey Ton, you doin' better? *S* I hope so, was sorry to hear that news on your knee was not what you hoped...maybe they are wrong..it's happend before.

Glad to see you're back at the cranky witches..*VBG*

For the record..there is NO way I would make that Artisan's Star. Curiosity does NOT equal interesting..LOL. But if ya look twice, to see why the star both "pop" and doesn't, might as well read what they suggest for yardages. And yes, it's not that you wouldn't have paid the money at some point...BUT...my complaint/concern is the "blind following of industry trends and suggestions"..ya know? *G*

Nines said...

Hope you are feelin' better. I like Stargate, too. My favorite episode is where Jack and Tealq(sp?) are caught in that time loop. They're juggling and playing golf. It's hilarious. But then, I like the musical Buffy episode, too. I'm definely not in their demographic target audience. Here's to the destruction of the bummer outs!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Nines, I ***LOVE*** the Stargate time loop episode. Definitely my fave too, w/o question. AND I love the Buffy musical ep. Have considered buying the soundtrack even. Speaking of time loops, that's one of my other fave Buffy eps - the one where the evil trio of nerds makes Buffy try to get the Mummy hand over and over again.