Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fan Direction

I took off the sticky bandages this morning (it's been 10 days since the arthroscopic surgery). Was surprised to discover that the two stitches I have in look like they were made with blue dental floss. The little ends hang up in the air - just like quilt ties. Tomorrow they come out.

I wanted to give ya'all an idea of what direction you could go with the fans. I used the paint program on my computer for the first time and was pleased with how wobbly my results look. Cuz I look at it and think it looks really fun. See how different all the fans look, yet the overall appearance is pleasing. It'll be that way with your quilt too.

I did find out that I couldn't upload the paint images to Blogger tho, so I had to print them and scan 'em back in. More work than I was expecting. That's the reason for the black bars on the middle pic - don't know how to get rid of those. sorry.

This first pattern is my favorite (Bonnie left a comment that she finds it boring). Okay, it's boring, but it's also - soothing. No surprises, just keep making one after another. It'll also probably draw less attn to the quilting than the other two methods I've illustrated. Notice in all the examples how some of the fans are incomplete. They hit the end of the quilt and just stop. They run into another fan unit and stop. That's how it works. All examples start in the lower right corner.

1. Fans going up Start in a lower corner and go across. The next row is worked right on top of that going in the same direction. Etc. Not recommended for a large quilt - you get too much bulk.

2. Spiral fans Start in the lower corner and work your way around and around and around and around. In other words, go all the way around the outside. Once you've done that you do another go round starting in the same corner as the first time thru (in this case, the right).

3. Diagonal fans In this one you work in from two opposite directions - in this picture the lower right and the upper left. You essentially go over and up, over and up.


Finn said...

Hey Ton...I like these!! And I like the first ones..I agree, very soothing. Not so crazy about the round and round ones. Thanks for all you hard work on creating these images for us to see.
Wonky is good !!!

Hunter said...

Aloha and I hope you're feeling well. I'm glad to read your stitches come out tomorrow.

Love the fans. Since I'm working on the dragons my mind immediately thought, "Dragon scales." :)

Back to writing and quilting for me. I need to go into town and shop today, but I can hardly make myself get going.

We're experiencing a huge visitor season this year since many people changed vacation plans and headed our way.

Tigger needs Greenies, though. ;)

Aloha and I hope you have a great day.


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I have never done the diagonal version..I like that! I've done the round and round a couple of times, and I do like it, some people just like things orderly and want all the fans facing the same way going in the same direction.....I love them all!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Guess I'm the boring one - I like the more traditional ones!

But I love your drawings you did! Very cool!

Holly said...

I love these fans and will have to try them sometime. Your stitches are so tiny!