Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cat Bobs

More of the Bobs. I went on a spree last year making black cats. I used a pair of my husband's worn out wool trousers, so there are funky seams to add detail. I tried to make each of the cats different, using embroidery for details on the large one. For the bodies on these, I roughly stitched by hand with embroidery thread, to add additional color.


Finn said...

These kittys are just totally awesome! I think I could live with a WHOLE army of them...*VBG*
Do they have names? And what do the far superior human variety kittys think of them?????

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thanks, Finn. I actually want an army of them too - one of my plans that didn't work out for this year unfortunately. No, they don't have names. They're living right now in the glassed-in china cabinet, so real kitties can't get at them. Lily definitely participated in the making tho, running off with floss whenever she got the chance.