Friday, November 11, 2005

partial arc

While I've been cranky lately, that hasn't stopped my quilting. Got a bunch done yesterday. My sweetie was off work and we watched a Robert Culp baddie episode of Columbo and three eps of Stargate SG-1. Yes, my hubby can be something of a tv addict too.

[diversion: ooh, Claudia Black was excellent on Stargate as Varla (sp?). I know her from "Pitch Black" but I know she was a Farscaper. Have to admit, that's a show I never managed to get into. Kept getting hung up on the giant muppets. I'll give it a try one of these days, when I can start at the beginning.]

The other day I was telling you I'd missed a couple of arcs while I was quilting my fans. Here's how it looks after I've gone back in and filled them in after.

I managed to make six arcs instead of seven yesterday. I think my lack of attention to detail is showing. Good thing it doesn't matter.


Finn said...

Hey girl...cranky is a state of mind...and if you are, I don't mind...*G*

Love the bookcase the standing guys..and candy corn? Is it real candy corn??? I tried to scan some in Oct...LOL..needless to say my scanner had other ideas. Even with green fabric laid over it, it won't scan nicely. So I ate it..*G*

Your newest thready looks awesome now that it is framed.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Looks good anyway! And don't be cranky - we love you!!!!!

Heck my family thinks I'm miss cranky all the time too!

Oh and I have 3 girls - so between 4 of us it is PMS time all the time!

Your shelves with those thready's are just too cute!

Hunter said...

We know cranky here. Mother Nature keeps letting me think menopause has arrived and then she zaps me with a reminder why I'm looking forward to menopause.

Cranky away and I'll join you. ;)

Great work. Everything on your shelves is so cute. What kind of thread do you use?