Monday, November 28, 2005

rollercoaster gift bag

Can't show ya'all what I've been working on, cuz it's a secret. But here's a gift bag that I made last year using a fab rollercoaster fabric.

My hubby gets intimidated using it with this gift tag. "But this isn't a thrilling present..." That's not the point. It's the rollercoasters that are thrilling... I was just having fun. Too bad you can't see the bugle beads sparkle.

And here's the bracelet (along with the earrings) I mentioned in yesterday's post. All the beads came from the states - you could never get lampworked beads like this here. Gold and silver we got lots and lots of. Semi-precious rocks - some prices better than the states. But bead beads? Eeeh not so much. I made this with my friend Siobhan, who had been playing around with jewelry so she knew what she was doing.

I haven't bought any jewelry here. Gold, silver, precious stones, whatever, don't excite me. I like funky stuff like dichroic glass and these lampworked beads. Better for my wallet that way.
Did I tell ya'all that my sweetie and I watched "While You Were Sleeping" this last weekend? It's one of my favorite movies ever. Sweet, funny, and full of holiday spirit. We watched "Notting Hill" not too long ago as well, another one of my favorite romantic comedies. I love Hugh Grant with the floppy hair and the stumbling speech patterns (tho I liked him as the cad Cleaver in "Bridget Jone's Diary" too). But mostly that one is fun for his friends in it. I just want to have dinner with them (only not with burned food).
Oh, and no, I'm not smiling in my self-portrait cuz it was actually harder to take than I thought it would be. I couldn't tell if I had it framed properly and had I pushed the button down enough to focus but not enough to take the photo and okay now I wanted to take the photo, but had it taken? I didn't like the pics with that horrible "I've been smiling too long" grimace, so that's why I have the serious looking photo...


Darcie said...

I can see your bugles sparkling a bit, Tonya! I can certainly imagine what they're like in...person! What an awesome bag...and that fabric is just too fun!

Love your jewelry! Thanks for sharing a pic of the complete set!


Finn said...

Love the rollercoaster fabric Tonya, what a great use for it..! But then I'm a sucker for red and white anyway...LOL.

The jewelery is fun..I love beads of all types. Never knew their names, but like the shapes and colors. What's next??? *G* (Evil twin grin hidden...hehehe)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Roller Coaster fabric! What will they think of next! That fabric is just too wild!

And I LOVE that bracelet! Very fun! I dabble in a few bracelets a year, but not a lot. In fact that reminds me - my mom begged me to make one for my sister and one for her daughter to match for xmas and I haven't bought the stuff yet!

Guess I had better go shopping!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Hugh Grant......*sigh* I'd love dinner with him too, burnt or not! *LOL*


Granny said...

That roller coaster fabric is so neat! And, I love your jewelry. I am so wanting to make jewelry!

Judy L.

Quiltgranny said...

What a surprise to see the real face behind the little happy threadie that always greeted me before! It sort of looks exactly what I expected - and that's a good thing as Martha says.

Thanks for sharing the bag, and the beads. Love them all! Especially the tag!

Hunter said...

I'm like a little kid. -Any- present is a thrilling present to me. Anything would be particularly thrilling in that gift bag. :)



Anonymous said...

LOVE the thrilling roller coaster fabric! So much fun!

And thanks for the close ups of the earrings, etc. Lovely!

brendalee said...

my girlfirend and makinga theme quilt for her 4 children, can you tell me where you bought the wonderful red rollercoaster fabric from????