Thursday, January 12, 2006

X marks the spot

I meant to post yesterday, I did really. I'd gotten all my pics downloaded and I knew what I wanted to write about but then I realized it was 5pm and that maybe perhaps it was possible that I could talk my sweetie into going out to dinner with me. I gave it a shot, called him and he said okay, so long as I could be downtown in half an hour. So sorry, abandoned ya'all without hesitation.

First off, let me show you yesterday's progress on the current quilt. Believe it or not, it actually looks a little washed out in the pictures.

I have been pondering leaving the quilt similar to how it is now: a big wide "border" running the length of the left side only. And then all the Xs and Os over on the middle and right, just like they are now, only more of them.

I'm ahead on making Xs, since Os are boring. As I was laying these down, just for kicks I used the extra Xs and I actually like how it looks. Might incorporate that into the final plan.

One of the reason the Xs are so much fun is that I'm angling the width sometimes on the strip inserts. The units look funny before they are trimmed:

but it's easy to whack off that excess fabric. For now I'm leaving the strange angles on the sides of the blocks, not trying to square (or rectangular) anything up. That way I can lay one of these puppies down next to an O, and slice an angle into that letter, thus keeping my fun angle. More of that later. Probably. Unless I get sick of all the darn angles and just slice 'em off. I can do that. I have the power to make this quilt however I choose.

Just for now I'm experimenting and having fun. Can I take a rectangle and end up with a square X unit by using wide strips? What happens if I whack off some of this triangle here before I add that strip there.... Oops that strip is too wide, angle it up, baby.

So yeah, that's me sewing.

Dinner last night was well worth abandoning ya'all for. We went to my favorite Lebanese restuarant, which we haven't been to in ages. Especially for Darcie (who once asked what the food was like here and I kept neglecting to write about it until now), this is what we had:

  • Hummus: pureed chickpea dip
  • Motabbal: roasted eggplant puree with a smokey flavor (usually called baba ghanug)
  • Fattoush: sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, lettuce salad with a lemony dressing and fried pita bread "croutons"
  • Felafel: fried chickpea patties (the Egyptians make something similar, but made with fava beans)
  • Fried Kubbeh: ground meat, spices, and pine nuts in a breading (I always call this one Kobeiba, the Egyptian name since one time I ordered it and ended up with the raw minced lamb - the name of that dish is really similar)
  • Shish Tawouk - grilled chicken
  • Kofta - grilled lamb

Yes, a true feast. We have leftovers for tonight, which is part of the reason for ordering so much - that and it's all so darn good. Believe me, could have ordered twice this much and have been thrilled with all of it.

A lot of these dishes have an equivalent in Egyptian cooking altho they may have a different name. There are some particularly Egyptian dishes that I haven't tried, such as Molokheya, which is a really slimy, nasty smelling green sludge; a nameless stew (it has a name, I just can't remember it) with tomatoes and lentils that my hubby enjoyed except for the bits of chewy bits that might have been intestine; and koshari which is made with pasta, lentils, and chickpeas(?) with fried onions and lots of people really love but I refuse to eat that many carbs.

Hubby and I are nearing the end of "Stargate: Atlantis" and I am loving the comparisons of Shephard to Kirk and the doctor to McCoy (tho he sounds just like Scotty). They make me laugh every time. We've started rewatching the second season of "Alias" - I got the fourth season for Christmas and there is just no way we'll have a clue what's going on without rewatching the whole thing. Not that there's really any chance of understanding it...

"Mythbusters" has all been repeats which my husband is willing to watch over and over again, but I have been bailing out on and coming in and playing online instead. What makes me crazy is that there are still several episodes we've never seen. Swear they've never been on here, but noooo we'll just keep showing the boom catapult over and over again.

Pokey's demanding some attention now, so I gotta go throw a mousie for her and then maybe get some more sewing done.


Dawn said...

Wow Tonya, I know I told you before but I Love that border fabric! So for one thing you have to make sure you dont' cut that baby down too small!

Not sure I'm sold on the left side border only idea yet. I did have a strange idea but I'll have to draw it out and send to you - can't explain it.

I am sold however on the extra X's in the quilt - I like it!

And man - for some reason I'm really liking those colors - and that is so strange since I'm not a vivid color person!

Cathi said...

Still loving those colors and that border...

...but you are making me hungry with all that yummy food. I spent a month in Egypt way back when and I lived on my backpacker budget eating hummus, baba ganouj (spelling?...eggplant dip...) and Turkey I had lentil soup all the time...funnily enough I bought a big tub of hummus today in our local supermarket...must have been anticipating your post, LOL!!

Tonight I am having a gorgeous Thai meal here in the wilds of Waterford...satay and pad thai...yum... Tomorrow I get back on the band wagon and try to lose some "fat quarters" LOL, about 30 of them!!!

Gotta stop talking about food now...

Finn said...

You know I love all the wonky, kooky,independence of the X & O's Ton, what ever number or ratio they fall in. Super cool that you abandoned up for food..good call!! Hugs, *VBG*

Samantha said...

Love the X-tra x's! It shakes it up- not that this quilt needs shaking- but it is fun to look at!

Your menu has left me crazily craving the food of my childhood. Mine is Turkish, and there are no turkish restaurants in Denver... Thought last week we drove by a brand new hole in the wall called "Istanbul Grill" so I will be checking it out ASAP!

Laurie Ann said...

Okay, that's it! I've got to go to Azar's for lunch next week. My mouth is watering! Alias used to be my favorite show, enjoy! Sydney rocks!!

Laura said...

Love those bright colors! I wonder why I am always so attracted to these brights but afraid to use them myself?


Tropical Screamer said...

Great quilt and great dinner. Thanks for sharing. :)


trish said...

Yum, yummy colors. Hot and bright! I like the idea of unequal borders, reminds me of the margin on the page in a notebook, sorta.

Dinner sounded good. I am always intimidated by cuisines I'm not familar with, but usually enjoy them if I have a guide to tell me what to order...


Duyvken said...

Would you quilt X's and O's on the border on the left? It looks fantastic! My daughter would be drooling over that border fabric. I love checking your blog and seeing your work.

Nines said...

We are working with the exact same colors! I like your rendition much better. Mine is just a stack the deck sampler for a shop. So glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself- keeps one inspired!

anner said...

What fun colors! That is gonna be one mood-enhancing quilt!

It's interesting to hear about what others are having for dinner - we always seem to be having the same ol' thing. Tonite was bbq ribs, french fries and baked beans. Messy but yummy!

Holly said...

Dinner sounds wonderful except for maybe the unidentified objects. I'm a lentil lover.

I absolutely love the colors of this quilt! I've always said pink and orange look great together and people usually think I'm crazy to which I tell them they have to be a quilter to understand.

Katie said...

whonky letters are so relaxing. I should just do them. I got a row of X and O and happy with them. thank you for saying all does not have to be square. *VBS*