Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thanks everybody who's been visiting my blog lately. It's great to visit with you all.

I'd like to recommend a couple of blogs for you to check out, if you haven't already. First off, there's Laura over at Pine Ridge Quilter who also loves words on quilts. She's just getting started with the blog, but already has some fun quilts posted. She collects quotes to use on quilts. I do that too, they just haven't made it onto the quilts yet.

And Sophie, who's been lucky enough to see the Susan McCord quilts in person, is working on an improvisational top with words and is brave enough to do curves as well.


Finn said...

Morning..*G* How's it going over there? Looks like you are keeping mostly busy..LOL. I actually love the little X's or is it x's..*G* Silly me..punch drunk again..*G* Almost to the end of this @*_$&!+ baby quilt I agreed to make.

The progress on the Punch quilt is awesome...are words creeping in or just sign language? Either's GOOD!
Hurray for ordering fabric!!! I'll be back soon..*G*

sophie said...

This is where I confess that I originally wanted to try curves in letters ... and chickened out :-)

Thanks for the mention.

Laura said...

Wow, thanks Tonya for mentioning me! I am off to check out Sophie's blog!