Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dance in the Moonlight

Happy New Year one and all.

My sweetie and I actually stayed up until 10pm last night - yeah, it was a late one for us. It only happened because sweet baby Pokey was sleeping on hubby's lap and he couldn't bring himself to disturb her. He's the champagne opener, so the festivities had to wait for her to wake up.

Yes, it's a tough life being a cat in this house. Pokey could probably give you a list of how we mistreat her. Not once was she allowed to have any biscotti. Now why would the kitty want biscotti, I have no idea but she does her best to steal them; managed a couple of times to heft a piece off the plate but was stopped before she actually got to eat any of her treasure -- the biscotti is too big for her to be able to run very far with it. She does her best to hoover up the crumbs off the plate tho.

Today I am determined to get my hubby to help me hang a couple of items on the wall. I don't have goals for the year, just for today. I also have to make jambalya since a friend is coming over for dinner. I made the stock yesterday which was a bit of a chore because somehow when we moved we didn't bring any stockpots. So I have to make smaller batches, one with the smoked ham hock, one with the chicken. Should be yummy.

Here's a quilt from the archives:

Dance in the Moonlight. Sing to the Stars.

I made this top in 6 and a half hours in October 2001. I was doing my very best to think positive, happy thoughts and probably reading way too much SARK. She writes colorful, happy books and you should take a look sometime if you've never seen her work. I think it's possible to overdose on her tho.

Anyway, this is not a quilt that I care for now, but I suppose I needed to get it out of my system. This pic is just of the top - a friend machine quilted it and of course I have no after photo... This is one of the quilts living in storage right now. Can't wait to get them all out.


Finn said...

Happy New Year Tonya..*VBS* I like your dancing quilt...I can see it's not the "you" that I know. But I think that's true of many of us. I'll be showing you all an amish quilt in a day or two that I would never want to make again.

You make a good point, maybe it's something we have to get out of our system. Frees up space for what we really want to say.
As always, the letters are awesome. In particular I was looking at your's great! Happy company day! Save ne a bowl!

Dawn said...

Tonya, but it is cute. I love the way the pink background blends into the touches of pink in the stars. You know they say our taste in quilting changes every 7 years. Who knows, in another 7 years you may love it again!

heather said...

I once watched my cat eat an entire salad with dressing after I told her to go ahead and try it but that she wouldn't like it. I have no idea what gets into their minds sometimes.

Tonya R said...

I had a realization today: I would have loved this quilt when I was 13. I'm just not 13 anymore. So in another 7 years will I like it? Nope don't think so.

Heather, I don't think ANY of my cats would eat vegetables of any kind.

Samantha said...

I think we all have made things that were phases or trends in our quilting life, and look back at them now and go, "Huh." I know my stash reflects years of new ideas in, old ones out... That said, it is a great piece!

I'm trying to get MY hubby to hang a quilt for me today... must be going around!

Sewcatherine said...

Yep, I got one of Sarks books too. Haven't looked at them in a while but I do remember that she mentioned taking naps in the middle of the day. I actually got to do that today!!! I like the star fabric...and the pinks. Very nice.

ReenieBess said...

yes, I had a cantelope rind eating cat years back. And now I have a carb nut cat.