Sunday, January 08, 2006


January always puts me out of sorts. Don't know if it's the weather or the letdown after Christmas, but it's definitely my least favorite month. I didn't want to post without a pic, so I dug this one out from a couple of days ago when the kittens were "helping" put away the Christmas things. Seems rather symbolic of my mood: disorganized, messy, chaotic, but with cute kitties.

I finished my Gilmore Girls marathon this morning and I'm definitely going cold turkey from some kind of addiction. I watched more than 10 episodes yesterday and ate freshly made mint chocolate chip cookies for dinner -- my hubby worked late. Now I just want MORE. How can that be the end of the season already? Cranky, cranky, cranky.

Didn't even get anything productive done while I vegged in front of the tv. My sweet baby Pokey slept on me much of the time. Couldn't disturb her, now could I. Today I can't focus. Should I be sewing or handquilting or blogging or doing French? A walk outside would be good, but way too much effort.

I had wanted to do a wonky heart tutorial, but discovered I have no interest in piecing hearts at the moment. Think maybe some Xs and Os - hugs and kisses. Decided to be wild and use the fabric I'd picked out for the triangle sewing class last month. Don't want to work on the other colors I was contemplating, even tho I love them too. Today I did get some strips cut, maybe tomorrow I can actually sit at the machine and get something sewn.

Since the brain is focusing so little, think it's best to go back to my "Pride and Prejudice" (which I started a couple of weeks ago) and hand quilt. Hope to be more with it the next time I post. Later.


quiltpixie said...

you got a little done -- by doing something maybe you'll slowly recharge your quilting batteries...

It does sound like you had a great time watching the Gilmores and "vegging". Its great to have a few days of nothing too...

trish said...

Tonya, such pretty kitties, and SO helpful aren't they!? I know what you mean about not feeling like doing anything--January is always a tough time for me too. Hang in there and least think about what you might want to work on next.


YankeeQuilter said...

It is OK to take a few days for a mental reboot! There is nothing wrong with looking at a list of projects to work on and adding a line that says "none of the above." You'll recharge soon...that's what mint chocolate chip cookies are for (particulary when eaten with lots of coffee!)

Finn said...

Hi Ton, so ya caught the "grumpies" huh?? Or cranky works too. Here's a thought, just re-watch the GilmoreGirls again. I watched Under the Tuscan Sun twice, just cause it was already in the DVD player and I was too lazy to get up and put in a different on. The colors are good..even twice..*G*

I think January is just one of those things ya gotta get through. Can you imagine having this whole new medicare presc. drug plan dumped on you on Jan. 1st??? YUK!!! What were they thinking???
Wonky hearts sounds good, when you get the meantime, any more cookies..*VBG*??

Tropical Screamer said...

Your furry babies are so cute. And so much "help."

Tigger is helping me with some polyester batting today that I'm using on the Cosmic Cat prototype. He usually ignores my stuff, but something about dead polyester is driving him wild. (It must be catnig polyester.)

Hugs and hope you find just the right thing to do today. Do you have an old movie like the original War of the Worlds handy? That's what I'm putting on today.


Dawn said...

Hey, I"m all blue this year too! Partly it is the no sun here in IL. We have had unusually warm rainy weather and no sun - after an unbelievable cold spurt in December.

One reason I haven't sent you my email back to discuss our "arrangement". I was actually thinking about chatting with you about it tomorrow. Maybe that will excited me.

BUT - The Pride and Prejudice tapes finally came into the library and I spent all weekend watching them! It was wonderful! I'm all caught up in the romance and period now! My husband and girls didn't appreciate me hogging the TV but I couldn't stop watching them, I had to watch one after another! Oh and I finished my free form fans while watching them! I"m hoping to get a pic today to post tomorrow for them!

Cheer up - or at least cheer me up! :)

Darcie said...

Oh Tonya! Wouldn't it be fun to be a cat-for-a-day!!! The whole world is just one big playground to them, isn't it!

They're adorable!

Holly said...

I have days like that, too, Tonya, where I don't know what I feel like doing. Sounds like you found the perfect solution, cuddling up with a kitty.

Cathi said...


I know how you feel! I have lost my focus lately myself... Something to do with husband's job loss and his changing jobs 5 times in the last year!!! We're hoping the one he starts next week is the keeper! But we're moving 2 hours away and will need to uproot again...

Anyway...before I get unfocused again...I wanted to tell you that I finally have started my own quilting get me focused again. And I've decided to do your free-pieced letters for a quilt for my youngest daughters 2nd birthday in June (will be looking up Bonnies pages) come visit if you get a chance:

Cathi in Ireland