Monday, January 02, 2006

two boxes better

Wow, I've gotten three emails in the last two weeks saying "hello, are you still alive." D'oh. I've gotten so sucked into the world of blogging I completely forget about sending out email anymore. I'm a baad girl. But yes, I'm alive and well.

Didn't get things hung up on the wall like I was hoping yesterday. Instead we watched a special Mythbusters (my hubby's current fave show) in which they debunked some of the plot points in the movie "Jaws" which we'd just watched on New Year's Eve. How's that for coincidence. After that finished, I had to exile myself in the kitchen to make jambalaya, which turned out really well.

Every day after his shower, my sweetie throws his terry cloth bathrobe over a box for Lily to sleep in. Don't ask me why, but that's one of her special places. Well today during vacuuming, another box got added on top. Guess Lily figures if one box is good, two boxes is better.

I took a few pics off the balcony right outside my apartment - I live up on the 4th floor, which would be the 5th floor in American reckoning. I had to wait 'til there was a day off so the workmen weren't out there sanding down plaster. I can't wait until they're finished. Anyway, Ma'adi is probably far greener than you were expecting. I did warn you the sky had been pretty gray.

Bonnie, who must move at least 20 times faster than I do, has put together my bloggy bits into a tutorial for making the free-pieced letters. She's done a lot of work on it and I think it looks pretty amazing, tho I'm incredibly biased. You can check it out here or click on the link in my sidebar. Thanks, Bonnie.


Lucy said...

Thanks to you too for the directions.. I love to try it once. Love to see how you live too.. so green and it looks warm. Here it is now cold , a bit freezing

Darcie said...

Oh, what a darling Lily!

I can hardly wait to spend some time over at Bonnie's. I have to now admit: I did "attempt" some of your letters on my own awhile ago...but...decided that I wasn't as Maverick as I wanted to be or should that's when those trees of mine were born! Maybe there's hope for me, yet! ;-)

Happy New Year!

Finn said...

Morning the 2 box Lily, such the fair lady her! And what intersting pics of Egypt..not what you'd think. Great view tho..thanks!!

I did check out the new offerings yesterday, they are awesome, and soooo much easier than scrolling back through your blog to find them..*VBG* Thanks for all your effort and Bonnie's..*G* Now I can see my favorite Aliens and the boney guy whenever I want. Keep up the good work! I think you still have alot to say, my friend..*S*

Nancy said...

I'm pretty sure Bonnie moves at least 20 times faster than most of us! I think the instructions for you letters look great and it's something I want to try sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

Tonya, the letter tutorial is spectacular! I hadn't seen this before, so thanks to you and Bonnie for putting it all in one place!


Dawn said...

Wow it is a lot greener than I expected. I love the look of the house all hidden in the trees.

Silly kitties - don't you just want to know what they think sometimes!

And as I mentioned yesterday, your letters on Bonnie's site is wonderful! Once I get raffle quilt #2 done I'm off to make some more letters!

Anonymous said...

I had a look at Bonnies site with your wonky letters and it's great. Something I'm going to try later in the year when I've completed a few more UFOs. Thanks.

Tropical Screamer said...

I had to laugh seeing Lily.

Tigger is curled up in a Amazon box that's lined with the Turtle Soup quilt. They really are little kings and queens, aren't they?

The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


quiltpixie said...

Thanks for the instructions re your letters. I'll have to add them to the "someday" project pile...

Katrina Wolff said...

Great letter tutorial, Tonya.

Can't wait to try it out. I love the effect in each of the quilts you use the letters in. So much fun.

I noticed a new-looking book by Yoko Saito, a Japanese quilter. Her letters are more diagonal, and a little different - have you seen her work?

Happy New Year,

YankeeQuilter said...

I checked out Bonnie's site with the letters and it looks great. A few of the folks in the guild wanted to try it out after seeing her quilt at the post Christmas party so we may take a break at retreat at play with letters!

putting my toe into blogdom...