Sunday, January 29, 2006


Here's a bad photo of an okay quilt. This is "Bloom," a quilt in which asterisks become flowers.

I made asterisks in different sizes, as well as some free-pieced stems and petals. I quilted it with a thick rayon metallic that was a b*$% to use with all the fraying. This was the second, and last, time I quilted with this wavy design.

I had intended to sew buttons in the centers of the flowers, but the quilt rejected them. So I used embroidery floss instead. If I'd made this a few years later I might have tried loads of different beads, but this was made before I started the beadiness. I think the buttons idea would work on a different kind of fabric, such as plaids.

A friend loaned me season 5 of Angel. I'd missed a few when I started out watching it on tv and then we had to go to London for my knee and that completely blew that. So I was able to pick up the ones I missed and then start back up again in the middle of the season. Woohoo. Some unexpected developments. I was so sucked in I stayed up until 2am last night watching. Completely unproductively watching - there was no quilting involved. Can't wait to start watching again today, but look, I posted first.

Went out to dinner with friends last night to a restaurant that serves pork. Pork. I had the smoked grilled pork chop - mmmm. They (my friends, not the pork chops) filled me in on how many people have gotten the horrible flu/virus nastiness that is spreading around and which my hubby and I so far have managed to not get (knock on wood). I knew there was a reason I was spending so much time locked away in my apartment.


YankeeQuilter said...

Thanks for the bight quilt on a dreary day here in the states. Fill up on your vitamin C! Didn't the bird flu go as far as Turkey? (I am not trying to make a joke...just worried about ya.)

Darcie said...

Oooh Tonya!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOOM(ers)!!!!! Fantastic!

MMmmm. Smoked grilled pork chops are yummy. My parents gave each of us kids and our families lots of those to fill our freezers with one Christmas awhile back.

Finn said...

It's a fun quilt Ton, I'm sitting debating the button issue, and I think they would be great on plaid flowers..kind of folksy..but would fight with what you used in this quilt.

Love the idea tho...feels similiar to what you did with that one christmas bag, the blue one, I think. I still think about that one where you put a tie in each polka dot..LOL Love your kooky mind..*G*

cher said...

wonder if abalone buttons might have worked on bloom...but some quilts do not lend themselves to buttons-now beads...yes they would work ..still it is a great quilt and I agree-nice and bright on a very grey day in the states.

Laura said...

Great quilt, the beads would have looked good on it! What an awesome idea to use the asterisks as flowers. Love it!

Holly said...

Those asterisks would make good fireworks, too. I like the touch of floss in the centers.

Dawn said...

Oh I love the idea of the asterisk being a flower with your work bloom! This is a great idea. Wish I had your brain!