Wednesday, August 02, 2006

this n that

This is going to be a jumbly post. I have been even more scatterbrained lately than usual. At least I'm not sick, unlike my poor sweetie. He actually missed a day of work this week and didn't work any extra, which is unusual. He's watched the entire series of Harry Potter movies, his comfort viewing. I even let him close the curtains and turn the lights off (which I hate - too hard to quilt).

One big item on my list of things to do before we pack-up in early September was to get our dvd cabinet fixed. It is an incredibly beautiful piece of work custom-made here in Egypt - this picture doesn't do it justice.

The doors were too heavy and were scraping along the bottom of the cabinet. And then one of the knobs came off, which was a real sign there was a problem. I talked to Mr Taha and the very next morning his son, the furniture maker, arrived to fix it. He took the doors off and tried planing them down and when that wasn't enough he took the doors back to his shop and fixed them there. The bottom shelf is rather thin now, but it shouldn't be a problem.

It astounds me how this was made. It's all oak - and darn heavy.

Here's a detail of the mother-of-pearl inlay and the gorgeous carving.

I would love to have more furniture made, but since we do have a weight allowance to worry about I've kept myself under control. For those who haven't seen it, check out the gorgeous hand-made cabinet and my quilt display box here. And the incredible mashrabiya screen can be seen here.

SewPrimitive Quilter Karen asked if I had any other collections after I showed you all my canopic jars and phrenology heads. I have a tacky refridgerator magnet collection. Whenever a friend is going on holiday (or on a business trip) and asks what I'd like, I say "tacky magnet." I've since had to adjust the rule to indicate that they have to be souvenir magnets and clearly show where they are from.

I was so incredibly proud of my sweetie, who doesn't have a tacky bone in his body, when he brought me home the gaudy sandal magnet that is actually filled with sand. Woohoo - he just picked out the most obnoxious magnet that he hated the most, and he had a winner. We both got a magnet from the National Archives in DC. His has the consitution, mine has Elvis shaking hands with Nixon.

For another view of the fridge magnets, you can check out my bad girl Pokey trying to knock some off. I've since moved the more enticing and bulky magnets further out of reach, tho I have a couple that need repairs.

We had a going away get together for my friend L, who's now off enjoying the muggy hot weather in the states. (Ya'all think it's horrible here in Egypt? Ha! It's been worse in many places in the states.) I was surprised to find that it was sort of a going away for my hubby and I as well. We received lovely gifts, including a table with this marble mosaic top. Looks like a cool quilt design, doesn't it.

Before I forget again, the pre-printed tent fabric? 100% polyester - looks better in pics than it does in real life. There are also heavy weight cotton tablecloths that smell strongly of gasoline (which eventually fades) and have to be set with vinegar.


Unknown said...

That cabinet is GORGEOUS!!!!! And the other pieces too. Looks like beautiful workmanship on all of them. The very best kind of souvenirs. Althoguh I like fridge magnets too...

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Tonya! That cabinet is gorgeous! I just LOVE the mother of pearl star inlay! My first thought was - oh that would make an awesome quilt block! Of course I would think that! I don't know what I like more, the tent maker quilts or the woodwork! Guess it is too much to send over some wood cabinets!!!! :)

quiltpixie said...

ah well, even if the tentmaker fabric is 100% polyester, its great inspiration!

Joyce said...

I guess the tent fabric shows that looks isn't everything. I love the table. It does look like quilting and that can't be bad!

McIrish Annie said...

love the magnets!! We have quite a collection of those from our travels we also buy coffee mugs from each location.

that table is beautiful. It would make a beautiful quilt but not by me!!

Hanne said...

Your furnitures are really lovely !

Nines said...

I've always loved all of your furniture. Solid pieces, and I am sure that the thinner bottom shelf won't be an issue at all, what with it being oak. Congrats on the new table- yikes, hope you're not over your weight limit for moving. The magnets are cool- sometimes we need a little tacky in our lives to make us smile. Can't be serious all the time.

Judy said...

I love those sorts of DVD cabinets. I've had my eye on one here in the import shop. Of course, no where near as gorgeous as your that's hand carved. I think the thinner shelf will be fine since it has the large base to support it. It's not like it would sit open all the time.

Do I spy the Scream Trilogy Box Set on the second shelf? I recognize it because I also have that one too!! Watch it all the time.

Tell hubby that at least twice each month (or more) we start with Harry Potter One and go all day through the latest one! Love to see them. We watched the HP1 and HP2 just last Sunday!

Laurie Ann said...

Very beautiful! Hope it all gets moved without any damage!!

Finn said...

Hi over there...I think it must be planetary alignment..the jumble type thinking seems quite wide spread..LOL

Great pics of the cabinet..a beauty for sure! Glad I don't have to move it though.

I had forgotten about Pokey and the tacky magnets...LOL A great collection for sure. They are such obnoxious things...but for some reason there is still one on my 'frig that came from a cereal box back in the 1970's(I think). A cereal called "Freakies", that is no longer around. This particular freakie is nauesa inducing green and I think he is called "Boss" but i'd have to check on ebay to be sure..LOL. Yes, they are now in what is considered collectibe on ebay...LOL There were 4 or 5 characters all together. We did have the lone pink female at one time, and some brown creature too. Have no clue where they went to...LOL
As weird as it is, I just can't bring myself to take that green guy off my 'frig and toss it..LOL. Needless to say, it's not like any of my kids want it. *VBG*

Kim West said...

That is a great cabinet - wow... it is awesome. The table is gorgeous too!!

Fiona said...

You have such lovely furniture and how fantastic to be able to take them with you to remind you of your time in Egypt.

Eileen said...

Beautiful pieces, Tonya. I especially like the inlay. They are a treasure, that's for sure. I know it's hot there-do you have a "dry" heat like the SW or do you have humidity? The time/temp sign said 109 on my way to PT. At that point, I don't think it matters whether it's dry or not. It's just too dang hot.

Unknown said...

That marble mosaic table top is just begging to be reproduced somehow in fabric - reminds me of the floors in San Marco Basilica in Venice - luscious!

Tazzie said...

All your furniture pieces are just lovely Tonya, and the table gift is just gorgeous too!
I had wondered whether or not you'd purchase some of the tent fabric, as it looks just beautiful, but you've explained it perfectly. This may be a naiive question, but why do the tablecloths smell of gasoline?

Susan said...

I love both the cabinet and the table you received as a gift. That does look like a quilt design. It's the kind of thing that makes my eyes go around and around, defining pattern. I really hate the tendency now to put in random tiles with no pattern!

Love the refrigerator magnets, too. =)

Granny said...

Your DVD cabinet is gorgeous!! I spent too much time looking at your fridge magnets! From what I can see, they are really neat!

Judy L.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, I like all those pictures... are you going to try to duplicate the mosaic table top in fabric? Looks like it'd be difficult.

And I even went over to look at the post of Pokey on the fridge top playing with your magnets... cute!

I had to put empty boxes on the top edge of my fridge, I got tired of them knocking off all long boxes of stuff. You know, the saran wrap and foil and waxed paper and freezer paper... I was trying to keep them on the fridge top.

Have you ever tried to pull off a sheet of foil from a roll where the ends are all dented and wrinkled from hitting the floor one too many times? Won't unroll. :(

Hope your vet visit went ok!