Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pink and Purple Zigzags

We all survived the trip to the vet. It was easier to round up the cats this time. I put out treats in front of the cage and then just pushed Habibi right on in. Howler was more difficult, but we were smart enough to lift the mattress and bed springs up and over so he couldn't hide under the bed. I thought Lily would be hard to catch because she's darn quick, but she went to ground with Pokey under the couch, where it was pretty easy to nab both of them.

Poor Lily had to be stuck with the needle numerous times before the doc could get the blood drawn, but amazingly Howler was the only one of the cats who had to be sedated. Cats are all their normal sweet selves today, if a bit jumpy. I'm amazed that they don't hold more of a grudge. So incredibly relieved this step of the journey is complete, but fingers crossed the testing at a lab in Germany goes smoothly and we get the results back in a timely manner.

Here's a quilt I made back in 1998-99.

I just picked up a bunch of purple and pink 1.5 inch strips and sewed them to same-width black strips. I kept sewing and arranging until I liked what I had. It's 30" x 32" and quilted with black quilting thread in the ditch and then twice through the colored bits and just once through the black. I continued that same pattern out through the border.

No, Pokey hasn't been bitten by a mutant spider and started walking up walls. I photographed the quilt on the floor...

I have a question that I'm afraid of the answer to. You know how you get that crease in a quilt after you've left it folded too long? Is there any way to get rid of that? I unfortunately have one in this quilt, although it isn't all that bad. Please tell me I just need to wash the quilt.

In the mood to see a great liberated quilt in progress? Check out this beautiful top made by Cindra. I love it. And Ragdoll Judy posted a great follow-up on the thimble discussion. (Can it be a discussion when it's all written?)


Finn said...

Morning Ton, great post! So glad to hear it went reasonably well with the fur friends and the vet. Everyone is glad that's over..*VBS*
Yes, just wash the machine if you don't normally, just agitate a few seconds, let it stand, and follow through to conclusion. And if you don't normally dryer dry, I recomment a few mintues in the dryer(3-5) on permapress or gentle,low heat, and then finish drying it flat. Some of mine I am now leaving in the dryer for the whole cycle, and they come out just fine. With this quilt being so small, maybe you didn't wash it upon completion?? Personally, I'm rethinking that one. As a rule I don't wash right away...but having begun to think about all the things that come in contact with them, during the quilting process, I'm now washing right after it's finished. You do get a different look once it's done, but my aim is to preserve the quilt, and I think it's good to get hand oils, chalk marks, etc out of them. I just washed two yesterday.

Eileen said...

I agree with Finn-a quick was and dry ought to take care of the fold. Do you store your small quilts in a drawer? Instead of folding, take a paper towel cardboard insert(the thingy in the middle)and roll the quilt around it. If you don't have paper towels, you can use the cardboard from wrapping paper-just cut it to size.
My daughter loved the colors in your pink/purple quilt. Purple is her favorite.

Eileen said...

Forgot to mention that I'm glad your fur babies weren't traumatized by the vet's visit this time.

Kim West said...

glad the kitties did ok at the vet. the zig-zag quilt is very pretty.

quiltpixie said...

depending on the crease, you may get away with just spritzing water along the crease well (til fairly saturated) and letting it dry...

ForestJane said...

I like those colors too.

Pokey looks so comfortable there. I get so used to seeing mine with their black noses, that it seems odd to see her dark ears and white nose.

I'm glad you got them to the vet ok!

*evil grin*

You ought to try stuffing them in their carriers every day now, and taking them for a 20 minute ride around the block, then home... so they get REALLY used to it, and just start thinking... oh, car ride again, that's all.

Anonymous said...

For the problem crease, I'd spritz it damp, block it flat, and let it dry. I'm kind of reluctant to put artsy wall quilts in the wash.

Beautiful rich colors in the zig-zag quilt--I love colors like these.

Holly said...

Hi Tonya! One of these days I'm going to wind a bunch of my quilts around a long dowel or curtain rod and then prop it up in a corner for decoration. Maybe I'll group two or three rolls like that. That's my future solution to creases.

One great thing about living overseas is the eclectic furniture pieces you get to collect to remember your different homes by. Love the armoire AND your quilt cabinet end table. Gorgeous! Glad the kitties are taking all the vet visits in stride.

Lily Mulholland said...

Are you sure Pokey doesn't have suction cup feet?

What a treasure trove of info your readers are!

Darcie said...

Great looking zig-zag quilt, Tonya. Love the border print!

Glad you're on this side of the vet visits, aren't you!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Tonya - Your zig zag quilt doesn't surprise me at all that you made it - the colors are so you! Although it is a bit symetrical and even strips for you isn't it! :)

Glad to hear the vet went well. That has got to feel so good that you have that over with! Kind of how I felt after this weekend of all the shopping I did!