Thursday, February 07, 2008

View From My Kitchen Window

Today I read Lynda's blog LuLu's Bay in which she recounts stories of her family's recent move to and life in Egypt. Brought back all sorts of memories for me. Anyway, she asked "What is the view out your kitchen window?" Here's mine: the back of a building. Sorry, no view of the Eiffel Tower ala Remy in Ratatouille.

While I'm reminded of Egypt, here's part of my living room. My Bastet statuette, a couple of charms to avert the evil eye and a punched tin frame holding a crusty I made while living there.

Oh, and a quilt too (I finally got all those Christmas quilts down). This is a Lone Star made by my mom many years ago. One of mom's friends hurt her feelings by saying that she couldn't stand to look at the quilt and had to sit facing away from it. Mean, mean, mean. Personally, I love it and was thrilled when my mom let me take it. The quilt is wonky (the right arm is about an inch lower than the left) and a bit loud, just like my mom. And me -- where did you think I got it from?

I reread my last post and realized I didn't actually say "thank you" to those who sent me wonderful gifts in the mail. D'oh, what an oversight. I was certainly thinking it! Big thank yous to them and to Marathon Quilter Cher who sent me this big S:

Trying to get caught up on links. Let's see... And Sew It Is Holly has almost finished her marvelous quilt Hangar Talk. Holly was one of the very first quilters to use my alphabet tutorial and did such an amazing job with the letters and figuring out a way to use them that really meant something to her.

Speaking of alphabets, the ever amazing Spiritcloth Jude has finished her alphabet sampler top (made for the first Lazy Gal Online Class) which is just amazing and so very Jude. Her work is so distinctive and if this is your first visit to her blog I highly recommend you go back to the very beginning and read her story chronologically.

Wheee, Taniwa Tanya has gotten the center of her class quilt together and it is totally wonderful. She made this quilt step by step, not knowing how it was going to turn out, but just having faith that it would. She started with the words, including one in Japanese (a touch that I LOVE), then went from there to make a quilt about home.

QuiltDiva Julie made a second quilt for the class (the first was her really fun vowel quilt), a lovely soft springtime violets quilt. While you're visiting her blog, take a look at the really bright Bargello quilt top she just made too - very fun.

and ooh ooh ooh, look at the photos Margaret took at the Ikat exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. yummy.

I'm out of time now, so I'll have to wrap this up. By the way, got only a tiny bit of handquilting done today and that was it. There was sun, glorious sun out so I escaped the apartment.


Magpie Sue said...

Some people just have no taste ;- )
(I'm referring, of course, to your pink lone star quilt and your mother's "friend.")

So glad you're having sunshine. I sure could use a little over here.

Thanks for all the links!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

You are right, your Mom's quilt is delicious. It's like a chocolate candy with a cherry in the middle. I'm watching a hummingbird sitting on her nest from my kitchen window--well, she's so tiny, I can see the tree, but have to go outdoors to look at her.

Purple Pam said...

Out my kitchen window is a "past its prime" hanging flower basket of Impatients, and a brown grass back yard. I love your mom's quilt, wonkyness and all!

Lea said...

Love your star quilt. Your quilting is so lovely.
I went to see Jude's Alphabet shoup quilt and OMG, She blew my mind off! I love her quilt. :-)

loulee said...

Your mums quilt is stunning. I wouldn't have noticed it was wonky if you hadn't said anything.

Clare said...

Wonky is definitely in the genes! It's beautiful.

Sun, sun, here too - wooo hoooo!

kimberlym said...

Your mom's quilt is great! I can't believe someone would be so mean as to say they couldnt look at it!
Did your mom teach you to quilt?

Quilts And Pieces said...

You would see a lot of white snow right now out my window! I LOVE that lone star quilt! Why would anyone say that! I had to read though, I was thinking that was a bit traditional for you to make!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks again for mentoring all of us through the first online class!!

LOVE your mom's lone star quilt... what a treasure (and shame on that person for saying such mean things about it).

We have sunshine today - none of us wanted to come back to work after lunch!!

Susan said...

I love the Lone Star - doesn't seem loud at all, and fits right where you have hung it.

Tanya said...

Thank you for the mention. Your Mother's Lone Star is lovely and it was probably the biggest compliment of all to her to have you ask for it.
I'm sorry, I haven't gotten my letters in the mail to you (I haven't gotten to the post office in weeks). I'll put that on my to do list. Not in too much of a hurry?

Cher said...

thanks for the links- everyone has done such fabulous and gorgeously creative quilts through your class/ is all so good.
glad the S arrived - I am still mulling over making very small letters...I know I will figure it out. and, I really love your mom's quilt-glad you could take it and revel in it...what fun to have.

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