Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Treats in the Mail

I had a great mail day yesterday - lots of love. Loco Quilter Kimberly sent me leftover letter blocks as well as one of her gift bags and fabric that she hand-dyed. I have to cut some strips from this fabric and throw them into the String Lone Star quilt. Kimberly is in the Lazy Gal Winter Class (hey, there's still winter left - come on over and make a quilt with us!) and finished this marvelous Let it Snow quilt.

Sue From the Magpie's Nest sent these two big bold letters as well as a strip of that background fabric. Some I will save for the student letter quilt, but I think some of it is going to sneak into the Lone Star.

Speaking of the work in progress, I got enough blocks done for the 4th arm of the star (well, I've done that last block since I took this pic):

Something doesn't look quite right with this pile of strings...

Ah, there was no cat in it. Of course. Lily in the way.

On Sunday we had some glorious direct sunlight - haven't seen that in ages. Here are Habibi and Lily catching some rays:

I forgot to mention above the other fabulous item in the mail. A wonderful friend sent me copies of the new Terminator series because I'd mentioned how sad I was to be missing it. I haven't watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles yet, but I am really looking forward to it. If your internet speed is faster than mine, you can go watch episodes on the net here on the show's homepage.

Yesterday I met my friend Will for lunch (I had a delicious salad with warmed goat cheese on toast) and a walk in the Bastille area. You should be impressed with me because not only did I walk a LOT but I didn't wimp out even though it was drizzly and overcast for most of the day. Will is a good influence.

I am so so so behind in my email and in giving you all links. But I want to get back to my sewing. eek, a dilemma. Sorry, but the computer stuff is going to have to wait.

Oh, and Happy Mardi Gras. My favorite radio station WKZE (which you can listen to online) is playing Louisiana cajun and zydeco music right now and I am loving it. Feel sorry for the neighbors - I'm going to crank up the volume so I can hear it over the sewing machine.


Clare said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who can't see the table top for strings and crumbs!

Spring is coming! The Cranes have just flown over going south to north.

Kristin L said...

Enjoy the zydeco! I'm home sick and can't enjoy my favorite German crazy parades. Boo hoo.

Tracey in CT said...

Do you think you'll ever use all those strips and strings? Isn't it amazing how they multiply??

The star is coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Laurie Ann said...

You'll love the SC Chronicles. I can't wait for the next episode!

atet said...

Happy Fat Tuesday! What more could you ask? Some great goodies in the mail, some peeks of sun, fabrics to play with...enjoy!

Cher said...

fabulous string star coming along! love the colors...great new direction to play in...all those wonderful colors cheer up any rainy/dreary day!
what fun.

Sharon said...

Hey, just remember, Paris in the gloom is still Paris! Good to hear that you got outside anyway.
I personally can't sew without the "help" of my kitties. Today we had to dance around the room, literally, because we were having "Klingon" cat (cling-on!)
Please come look at my new blog:

Lynda said...

The strings look wonderful on the turquoise fabric. Will there be enough for the background? I hope so.

jovaliquilts said...

I love the turquoise!
In my house, even the people stretch out on the floor if there's a patch of sunshine. We call it "passive solar heating."

Lynda said...

You are the 3rd quilter to come through my blog... I admire the beautiful work because I don't sew buttons! Love the photo of the cat sleeping in the sun.. I like to find a quiet sunny nook and curl up too.

Lily Mulholland said...

You were right about the turquoise - it looks wonderful. Your walk in the misting rain sounds lovely :)

Christine said...

Still loving all your kitty pics. Habibi looks very relaxed. This is also one of Olivers's poses. He likes to lie back like this in the sun in front of the glass doors that lead onto our deck. They really are so alike! Happy stitching.