Tuesday, February 26, 2008

String Diamond Chevron Setting

Here's another way to use string diamonds, this one is a chevron setting.

This is what it looks like close-up.

Gwen Marston's excellent book Liberated String Quilts (do you have your copy yet? Don't delay too long - it's out of print) has a couple of examples of antique quilts using string diamonds set this way. This one has a lot of solid diamonds:
I LOVE this one. I was considering making this quilt when I started stringing my diamonds, but only after getting them together did I realize these are fatter diamonds (for a 6-pointed star, rather than 8-pointed). I would still like to use this quilt as an inspiration one day, but I think I'll do it in red, white and blue with touches of cheddar and yellow like this one:
I'll have to make it when I have a chance to raid Bonnie's stash of shirtings and repro fabrics. Hee hee hee. Yes, you heard it right, I want to use repro fabrics instead of brights and novelty prints. What's happening to me?

Speaking of Bonnie, she just made a great tutorial for making Maverick Stars. They are great. You could do a whole quilt this way or just make a few for your crumb quilt.

On a similar topic, I believe I have enough diamonds for my String Lone Star, but I'm going to make more. I love the idea of putting smaller string stars in a crumb/orphan quilt, ala this utility quilt also pictured in Gwen's book: I received these orphan letters from Clare:

And these from Kimberly, along with some fun orphan blocks.

A big thank you to both of them.

And now some links. Vera has made several very fun small quilts using free-pieced letters. Check out her Feb 21st and 23rd posts in particular.

Knit One Quilt Two Kristin is playing with arrangements of her crumb blocks. Go see what fun she's having.


Kristin L said...

Oh, I LOVE that chevron setting! It makes my head hurt, but I love it. I *almost* want to make string diamonds again.

Anonymous said...

That chevron setting is a real eye grabber, especially on the turquoise background. It's fun playing with alternate sets, but then I always get confused and indecisive.

jovaliquilts said...

Playing is fun indeed, but my favorite is still the star. The turquoise makes the whole thing pop, and you get it all over the quilt in that setting.

Brenda said...

I love those vintage quilts in Liberated String Quilts. They are so visually interesting, and all from the scrap bag. That book is worth it just for those quilt photos. Thanks for the great links on this post. Have you received any mail from me? I posted it 10 days ago.

Kristin Shields said...

I loved making the free pieced stars, but even more fun were the shoofly blocks. They are so easy and look so fun. Thanks for the tips you sent earlier!

atet said...

Love those alternate settings for the diamonds -- such fun! Makes me want to make some -- hmmnn...nope, have about 10 projects in line before THAT one! Did I hear you mention something about Joss? And Eliza? and TV!!??!!???!!!

*karendianne. said...

I love these. I haven't read the book Liberated String Quilts - haven't read any actually. But I did come across something that talked alot about the importance of bias vs straight of grain when doing strings and I thought "uh" so I closed the pattern and walked away. Lazy Quilty Karen Love!

Cher said...

I do have that book :-) but I am busy reading Liberated Quilting and enjoying that right now. oh, the fun of your diamonds and the many ways to put them together..I like your brights best..however, I am sure you will have fun using repros too.

loulee said...

LOL I love the way you play with everything trying all the blocks in different settings, even after you have made your final decision.

Thanks for the link to Bonnies Mavericks, I may have to have a bash at those.