Monday, September 25, 2006

Free Pieced Quilting Flickr Group

Force Majeure Farm's Kim has done a bunch of work to get a Flickr group established where we can post images of the Take the Leap Challenge quilts as well as any other quilt done using my tuturials such as letters, houses, etc. Go take a look at her post where she explains how it works. She's even willing to post pics for the technologically challenged. If you actually play with Flickr a bit, I think you will find it fairly easy to use.

I now have a Flickr badge over on my sidebar, so you can zip right into the group that way and check it out. There are probably still a couple of bugs to work out, but it's lots of fun. Come play.

Boy, have I now bought into doing all the cool flashing things on my blog. I used to swear about them because they were so slow to load up while I was on dial-up, but now I'm on high-speed so hahahahahahah. Flash, flash, pictures wheeeeee.

We're now hooked up with the high-speed internet on the laptop in our apartment. The other day I was using one of the computers in the apartment building's business center. Any resident can use those and someone who was smarter than I had fixed it so that several pages were in japanese. Glad I don't have to go through that again.

So thrilled to be back in the U.S. watching Simply Quilts, Clean House, and loads of decorating programs. I've been eating salads like a crazy woman and brushing my teeth with tap water. There are simple things that you take for granted, but once you can't do it.... aiyee.

Something else I'm enjoying? Leaving the apartment in my t-shirt and shorts to walk to the trash room, without having to worry that an Egyptian male will be out in the hallway staring at me. Woohoo.

My sweetie and I are both over the jetlag. Cats are finally themselves again, which is a relief. Pokey and Lily had been swatting at each other and hissing, so it's wonderful to see them sleeping cuddled up together. When they're sleeping. All the cats still seem to have their body clocks set to Cairo time and go wild at 2 in the morning racing around the apartment playing. Maybe they've always done that but the apartment was so much larger we didn't hear it.

Today I have to wait around for the two new recliners we ordered to be delivered. Woohoo. We'll get to use them for awhile before they get shipped off to Paris, where I really hope we have enough room to use them. We will MAKE them fit, gosh darn it. Then, if I have time, it's off on the metro to G Street Fabrics.

Life is good.


Joyce said...

THere is nothing more relaxing than being back in your own culture after a time immersed in a foreign one. Every thing seems so easy in comparison. Just understanding the language is a big one!

Judy said...

Have you ever been to G Street Fabrics before? if not, wow are you in for a cool place. I went with my quilting buddy here to one at Potomac Mills (the one in the website picture) and for the first 5 minutes I just stood and looked in awe! It's huge and the fabrics are amazing. I easily went through $500 in like 2 hours, and that was buying 1/3 yard pieces for my stash. Darn I need to make another run up there! Make sure you check the cotton novelties and prints on the big rolls, they are spectacular.

So glad that you are all back and adjusting. I would say that you probably just didn't hear the cats before because mine play all night. All of them have. They also eat like pigs during the night too! They sleep some, but about 2:00 or 3:00 they start tearing over the bed and around the house.

The Calico Cat said...

Welcome back to the states...

(I work right behind G Street - dangerous! Capital Quilts is a better value & only metro & bus ride away...)

Finn said...

Hey Ton, you have no idea of how big my grin is, as I read your post..*VBG*
Sooo glad to have you back and doing the things we all just take for granted.
And so happy that the kitties made the trip ok. A long flight without being containerized!
No new news on my Ebby as yet, but I'm hoping for later this week!! Gosh, my very own little black cat for Halloween!!
Enjoy everything my friend! Hugs, Finn

Melanie said...

You sound very happy. Your post makes me stop and appreciate little things that we don't recognize every day. I'm glad you wrote about the cats. I didn't know where they were at.Glad to know they made the trip successfully.

Hedgehog said...

Love the flickr thing on the side! Sounds like things are going well being back in DC. Have fun at G Steet! (I love drinking out of the tap, too - it's been three months and I'm still excited!)

Quilts And Pieces said...

So glad your back! And glad to hear Pokey and Lily are being themselves!!! :)

Andi said...

Enjoy your time in the U.S.!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh! Wish we could all roam around DC with you, Tonya. Of course that would be a big crowd of us :-) but I do still wish we could go along to G Street and the place Amy mentioned and on and on and on. What absolute fun.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for reminding us about the things we take for granted here in the US. Enjoy your time here and be sure to let us know what you bought at G Street.

Tazzie said...

Wonderful to 'see' you Tonya. I'm so pleased life is returning to normal - and even better than normal in some ways - even if it's only for a short time. I bet you're going to have a blast at the fabric store!

Quilty Nurse said...

You sound relaxed and happy which is great. Great news about the flickr pool, I've played with it a little and its not too hard. If people can use blogger then they will be fine learning to use flickr I think. And its great to have one location to see all your fabulous free-pieced quilts. They look amazing all side by side!

Anyway, happy fabric shopping. Caroline

Clare said...

You sound like a child in a sweetshop!

Glad everything is going so well and that the cats have settled down.

Don't put too many flashy things on your blog - some of us are still on dial up :(


Lily Mulholland said...

Yay Tonya - it sounds like all six of you have settled back in very nicely.

Cher said...

hurray for living back in the States-even for a short period. Glad everyone has settled in and Life is good!