Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Luckier Than I Realize

I'm luckier than I realized to have such a cuddly sweet kitty. I didn't know how many cat owners have cats that won't even sit in their laps, let alone let get belly rubs.

I'm luckier than I realize sometimes to have such incredible friends and to have had the opportunity to live in Cairo, which has it's drawbacks but is certainly exotic and out-of-the-ordinary. Today the mushiness finally hit me. This is the last time I will walk on this street, the last time I will have the opportunity to buy one of these items... Gack, I need to just sit and quilt and not think about it.

The fly in our ointment: still no official paperwork to get Pokey into France. I know we don't need it yet, we won't be there for a couple of months, but I'd still like to have that certificate in my hot little hands before we leave.

Thanks to Force Majeure Farms Kim, I'm getting Flickrized. It turns out to be much easier than expected. I'll let you know when there is more news on that front.


Lily Mulholland said...

Nice to see a photo of you with Pokey :)

Hey, France is but a short flight away from Egypt you know!! I am sure there are excellent weekend package deals you can take up!

You will all be fine. Hard not to worry, but try to relax and enjoy what life is bringing you.

Oh, and France does have its charms you know :)

quiltpixie said...

its hard to say good bye. Take the time to do it well though, as it will free you to embrace the next stop -- France. :-)

Carol E. said...

What a sweet kittie. Ours is very lovey-dovey, too. He thinks he's a puppy. He follows us everywhere, and if it has been too long between cuddles, he jumps up into our laps or imposes himself between us and whatever we are doing, and gets the cuddles he needs and wants. It's very adorable.

Cher said...

indeed, who could resist Pokey?I also need to get flickrized..but am putting it off for now. Just caught up reading your blog..oh my, time has flown and now, it's nearly the last day! or by now, it well could be. What a totally perfect quilt your guild made for you-and yes, use those lovely things and enjoy them. ok..hope that certificate has shown up for Pokey by now-

Dianne said...

Hope you'll get the certificate for Pokey soon. I'm obsessing that our cats will arrive in Sydney and the authorities will take a look at their paperwork and say, "no, this one doesn't have all the right dates/information. Send him/her back!"

I'll be interested to hear how you go with Flickr. I looked at it yesterday, as well as Picasa, and went for Picasa...hope I didn't make a mistake!

Lois R. said...

What a sweet pic of the two of you loving each other's company.

My kitties are a pretty even split -- some love the lap sitting/cuddling, some don't.

Please keep us posted on Pokey's papers, as I will be holding my breath until you get them.

Unknown said...

What a cute kittie and I really like your tee-shirt Tonya - did you dye it yourself?

Laura said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for pokey and that all goes well with all the kitties in the move and for you and dear hubby. I can't imagine a move to the next town let alone one to a new country, you take care!

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture of you and your lovey dovey little kitty. We have 3 kitties, one is very aloof, won't even let you touch her most of the time, one is in the middle, and the third is the sweetest most loveable thing you'd ever see. They all have such different personalities.

Good luck on your move!


Judy said...

Flickr is poretty easy, I set mine up mainly so I didn't have to post every single picture here in order to use it on the blog as a pictures or whatever.

When do they expect the paperwork for Pokey to be corrected?? Has it been sent? You sound like me, I like to have everything done and certain as soon as possible.

Yes you are lucky. My noodle will let me hold him but he just "tolerates" it while I get it out of my system. Pixel will lay as close as possible, but not on us and pick him up and it's squirm city! But boy howdy do they love the belly rubs!

Candy Schultz said...

I have seven cats right now, five of my own and two of my daughters. Mine will not only come and sit in my lap, they will sit on my quilts when I am trying to sew, one likes to rest his head in the opening of my sewing machine. Others will just come and sit next to me and put their paw on me. I know that means they want cuddling. I have always hugged the hell out of my cats and I think that makes them more affectionate. Sometimes they don't like it though. I have never understood why people think cats are aloof. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

hooray for Flickr!!!

Finn said...

Hey Ton, you are getting to be such a short timer now...I can hardly wait for you to hit home soil again..*VBS* With the precious cargo of furry ones..*VBS*
If you get a chance, hop over to Pieces...I have an adoption pending..*VBG* I think you'll approve.
Such a great picture of you and Pokey..she is adorable in any language..Hugs, Finn

P.S. Cranky Witch is looking great also..*S*